Our learners in online-only programs have plenty of communication opportunities in the form of weekly check-ins with mentors and online forums where they can resolve their doubts and interact with their peers. We decided to take that a step forward with Great Learning’s Confluence. 
The objective of GL Confluence was to help our online learners network with their peers, meet the Great Learning team in person, on a platform that enabled direct interaction with industry experts.
The event was held in Bengaluru, and it saw the participation of 100+ of Great Learning’s Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Program participants from all over India. Participants had gone to great lengths to attend Confluence because they wanted to utilise the opportunity to meet their peers in person and participate in the industry sessions that were panelled by industry veterans. 
Panel Discussion
Learn, Network and Grow at Great Learning's Confluence
The panel was moderated by Rounak Dholakia, GM Operations, Great Learning. 
The other panellists included: 

  • Adarsh Kumar       – Ex Leadership Team, Mu Sigma | Founder & CEO, TagBox Solution – an IoT startup
  • Ayush Agrawal      – Ex Barclays, RBS, Prudential | VP Risk Management, JPMC
  • Vasudev V             – Deputy Director, Myntra 
  • Sunil C                  – AI practitioner / Researcher | Head of Innovation at one of the largest logistics firms in the world
  • Hari Nair               – Co-Founder of Great Learning

The themes of the panel discussion were around the uses cases of analytics across different domains. They also discussed the pros and cons of working in different kinds of analytics setups, namely in-house vs service based vs product based. Participants also gained valuable insights on how to approach career transitions in the Analytics field, which we hope they would apply when they are done with their programs.
Networking Session
Great Learning Networking Session
This was followed by an ice-breaker session, where Great Learning’s participants interacted with each other. Given their mutual interest in Analytics and technology, they were able to find common ground and established both professional and personal relationships, which was very heartening to see. 
Career Mentorship Session
The career session was led by Swaroop Srinivas, who has experience guiding over 20,000 professionals in approaching transitions. His insights regarding CV building, cracking interviews helped Confluence participants understand how they can fast track their transitions.
Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from participants, we plan on more such editions in different cities with increased frequency. We are grateful to honour the requests of program participants to conduct similar events in different cities, and with an increased frequency to help our program participants have enriched learning journeys that help them meet their career ambitions.
Here are a few excerpts from what our learners had to say about Confluence
“GL Confluence was entertaining and informative”
“An interesting event that was well organized. A very informative panel discussion”
“Amazing Great Confluence Rocks ! Learnt and networked a lot. Great Learning rocks !!”
“Good Confluence, should happen twice a year”
“Confluence was productive, panellists were practical, career session was outstanding”
“It was superb and very well structured. Thank you for your efforts”
“Just Need this in different cities as well”



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