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Great Lakes Post-Graduate Program – Business Analytics (PGP-DSBA) is a unique unparalleled program when it comes to its learning outcomes. 240 hours of classroom and 200 hours of online learning along with several mini-projects, a game-changing capstone project, and industry sessions by the best-in-the-business experts all contribute to grooming our learners to make successful transitions across business and functional roles in various industries.

Here is what PGP DSBA has to offer- 

1. Build Foundation in Business and Management Concepts –

Business analytics as an area is not limited to the knowledge of tools and techniques but developing the acumen to analyze the business problem at hand and coming up with the right approach to resolve it. It not only requires a deep understanding of statistics and mathematics but also complete business awareness. So whether it is basic statistics required for decision making, understanding the customer relationship management framework, or business finance concepts, PGP-DSBA builds a strong foundation for you to build your business analytics acumen while providing you the right base to move on to stage 2 in the program.

2. Learn Relevant Analytics Concepts, Tools, and Techniques –

pgp business analytics (pgp-babi) great learning

Right from R, Tableau, Python (online), SAS (online), our learners are exposed to all relevant analytical concepts, tools, and techniques. Our detailed curriculum can give you a fair idea of what is in store in each one of these categories and how our program enables you to learn and apply analytical concepts, time-series forecasting, supervised and unsupervised learning, machine learning, and optimization techniques, and several other important concepts. Click here to access the detailed curriculum.

3. Learn the Domain Applications of Different Analytics Tools and Techniques –

All learning is rendered useless until it is applied to projects and practiced scientifically. PGP-DSBA enables you to apply all your analytical learnings across domains such as marketing and retail, web and social media, finance and risk management, supply chain and logistics to name a few. Understanding different domains and how business analytics can be applied to them has helped several of our DSBA alumni to switch domains and establish successful careers in business and functional roles in a domain different than their own.

4. Exposure to a Network of Analytics Professionals (Faculty, Industry Experts, and Peers) –

Any PGP-DSBA batch has learners with 4 to 15+ years of work experience. What does that mean for you? That a peer sitting next to you could even be the CXO of a company looking to build an analytics team from scratch. Great Lakes analytics faculty features two of the top ten analytics academicians in the country. All our professors and visiting faculty have decades of industry experience and academia. Industry experts come from top-notch organizations like Cognizant, Deloitte, Evalueserve, Accenture, Microsoft, American Express, etc. Exposure to all these professionals, faculty, and industry experts can only mean one thing – effective learning for our candidates.

5. Access to Opportunities for Career Growth –

The resume building and interview preparation sessions with industry experts provide an edge when our learners step into the real world. They guide them on what the current trends in the industry are, what successful business analysts do to crack interviews, what are the distinguishing elements on their resume, etc. The Great Lakes job board is an excellent resource for our learners to start applying to jobs hand-picked by our learner success team. Placement assistance is an important aspect of the PGP-DSBA program, hence our high transition rates and higher program recommendations.

pgp business analytics (pgp-babi) great learning


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