An online course gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace, follow Venkatanarsingarao’s journey with Great Learning’s Cloud Computing Program

Tell us about your professional background. 

I have about 11 years of work experience in product development. My experience involves working on Java and a few other technologies as well. I am currently working as a Staff Software Engineer at GE Healthcare. 

Why did you decide to upskill? 

I have noticed that the market is moving towards Cloud. In the current scenario upskilling in this domain feels like a smart move. Given my background regarding product development, I felt that this would be the right choice for me. 

I consulted a few friends who have taken up courses with other brands, they suggested that the content taught in was not comprehensive. I went through Google reviews and most of them were positive responses. 

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What was the best part of the Cloud Computing course?

The course covered a vast amount of content. Mentorship provided by Great Learning was commendable as well. And at the end of every module we had lab sessions. Videos regarding the module were shared with us. This was extremely helpful, as it allowed us to revise at a later time. My long term goal was to transition into a Cloud computing role and I’m currently working towards achieving this. Great Learning has aided me in the process. 

Can you tell us about your Capstone project? 

My Capstone Project was about hotel management. I had some time constraints and thus chose a topic that would be a little easier to work on. The mentors provided direction and helped us complete the projects promptly. 

Advice for future Cloud Computing aspirants. 

I highly recommend the course to others. I have already suggested it to some of my friends. The course guides you in the right direction and can help you to perform better and reach great heights in your career. It is very relevant to the current world trends. 

For more such success stories, watch this space



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