Tanusha Singh has recently completed the PGP Data Science and Engineering Course at Great Learning. Read more about her journey and her experience during the career transition in her own words. 

I have recently completed the PGP DSE course from Great Learning, Gurgaon. It was a wonderful, life-changing experience with a journey full of learning and doing innovative things each day.

It gave me a career transition, and I successfully shifted from the position of Operations Analyst to the world of Data Science. What I believe is sometimes you don’t get success instantly, but one should never stop trying and never give up! This motto of my life has always helped me to stay focused, motivated and achieve bigger things in life because it is the combination of both patience and perseverance which helped me keep going without thinking much about the future. So I believe that- It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not quit and never stop trying. You are surely going to achieve your goals and make something big one day!

I joined Great learning because I wanted to build my career in Analytics and wanted to get good exposure to solving complex queries in solving complex business problems! So, this inclined and interested me towards the field of analytics and led me to join this course at Great Learning. 

Initially, they set a base by teaching you the tools used like MySQL, Python, Tableau, and then they develop your area of thinking by introducing you to EDA and Machine Learning. Everything was interesting and made you feel to dive deep into the world of wonder and opened various ways of thinking.  

At Great Learning, I got the opportunity to learn from some of the best faculties of the industry itself like Mr Sayan Dey and Mr Mahesh Anand. We were not only limited to the technical support, but we were also provided with the Career Preparation Sessions to help us develop how to put forth yourself as well as the technicals we had learnt. The biggest support provided by all the career preparation team, I also got an opportunity to work as Data analyst intern with one of the startups, but due to covid it couldn’t be converted to full time Hence, with help and assistance from of Ms Mishthy and Mr Vikalp, I was allowed to re-enter the placement pool and appear for interviews. Even in difficult times like covid, they are providing tremendous opportunities for students to crack interviews and secure a job. I would also like to thank my career preparation manager Ms Ajita who helped me with all the study materials which I needed for preparation and even guided me whenever needed. I would also like to thank Ms Ankita who motivated me and reminded me to never give up! They have supported me to their best! 

With their support, I was able to crack interviews at EY and EXL services.

It wouldn’t have been possible without their support. Thanks to all the team members to help me achieve this career transition, from being an operational analyst to becoming a Senior Reporting Analyst at EXL.



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