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My SQL Basics

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MY SQL is a one of the most popular and used database management tool. It has so many features which makes life easy to manage the huge amount of data. Inserting data and then manipulate them as well as fetching them according to your usage is very simple. Most of big companies are using this tool to manage their data.

Skills covered

  • Database
  • Database management system
  • Types of database management system
  • Relational database management system

Course Syllabus

My SQL Basics

  • Introduction To database management system
  • Types of database management system
  • What is relational database management system
  • Key concepts in relational database management system
  • Normalization technique
  • What is SQL and getting started with MySQL
  • Types of commands in MYSQL
  • Filter records in MySQL
  • Operators in MYSQL
  • Pattern matching in MYSQL
  • Null values in MYSQL

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Queries On This Free Course
How do I learn SQL?

SQL is basically a query language that is used to manipulate the database, we can learn this through an online course, and by developing a logic of how can we retrieve the data from the database using SQL queries.


What is SQL For Beginners ?

At the start, we need to have a basic idea about what is SQL and how can we develop logic to write queries for the retrieval of the data from the database. We also gain a basic idea about SQL which will be helpful for intermediate and advance level for further assistance.


How do I work with My SQL?

We need to install MySQL, a free and open-source software, then connect the MySQL Server with the MySQL Client ( MySQL –u root –p). –p is generally for the password of the root user. 


How do I Open A Database?

For opening a database, we need to first install MySQL which is free and open-source software or any database software, in which we can create tables according to the requirement.

Is it easy to learn MySQL?

Yes, it is easy since we just need to have very good knowledge of all the statements and commands used for various objectives.

Is SQL hard to learn?

It all depends on how we understand the topics and develop the logic for writing the query for using the database. Once after understanding the topics, one should also practice the topics related to them.

How can I learn SQL for free?

With our Great Learning course of My SQL Basics, you can learn all the basic topics related to the MySQL database for free with very detailed teaching about each and every minute topics and subjects related to it.



How can I practice SQL?

For better practice, one can install MySQL which is free and open-source software and have a practice about various queries and topics.


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