Cybersecurity in-demand jobs

With all kinds of business transactions moving online, cybersecurity is a major concern for businesses worldwide. The pandemic has furthermore accelerated this transition, making online presences for businesses a must today. The New York Times has reported that the demand for cybersecurity jobs will increase manifold and result in 3.5 million unfilled positions by 2021. 

In fact, cybersecurity is a domain which is of high priority, regardless of the industry-leading to a significant rise in the number of relevant jobs in recent years. However, the skill gap is quite high even with this steady rise in the number of job opportunities. With proper upskilling, willing young professionals will be able to not only meet these market requirement but also find themselves with lucrative career opportunities and grow in their fields of expertise.

We have compiled a list of the most in-demand jobs in cybersecurity for 2021, to help you figure out the areas to focus on while reskilling or upskilling in the domain.

Most In-demand jobs for Cybersecurity in 2021

1. Information Security Analyst: 

Information security analysts monitor and examine security systems for organizations to prevent potential security breaches. They are responsible for devising protective measures to safeguard the security infrastructures for businesses. From ensuring that all the relevant softwares are updated regularly to installing new protective walls, information security analysts cover a wide range of responsibilities to ensure that all kinds of information remain secured.  

Jobs available worldwide: 13,852

2. Ethical Hacker:

As the name suggests, ethical hacking is licensed and legal hacking to check a company’s security strength. Ethical hackers find ways of breaking into security infrastructures to find system vulnerabilities and ways of improving those. Ethical hackers use the same techniques that an unethical hacker would use to discover system weaknesses. They perform various kinds of assessments for the hiring companies and depending on the security requirements.

Jobs available worldwide: 6,597

3. Digital Forensic Analyst:

Digital forensic analysts retrieve any kind of digital evidence from various devices that have been compromised or has been used in cybercrimes. They specialise in recovering lost data or breached data and often help law enforcement agencies to retrieve any significant information that can be used as evidence against cybercrimes. They are also responsible for analysing the breached data or signs of cybercrime to keep a detailed record of the evidence found. They also document their investigation for future reference.

Jobs available worldwide: 1,575

4. Security Architect

A security architect is a person who designs, builds and maintains the security infrastructures for any kind of information and data in a company. There are quite a few overlaps between security architects and ethical hackers in the sense that both of these professionals try to think like a cybercriminal to understand the probable areas which can be compromised. Security analysts try to gain unauthorized access to computer systems to identify areas of improvement and work on them. They also document the entire process to record the progress. 

Jobs available worldwide: 6,122

5. Network Engineer

Network engineers work on designing and maintaining the digital network used by the hiring organization. From building the network to executing network security best practices, network engineers ensure that the network functions of the organization run smoothly. They also protect these networks from falling prey to any kind of malpractices.  

6. Security Software Developer

Security software developers integrate reliable security practices while developing the software to ensure they are robust and effective. The responsibilities of a security software developer range from designing the software to updating them regularly as required. They often team up with other cybersecurity experts to develop applications and security strategies that safeguard data and information for an organization.

Jobs available worldwide: 1,575

7. Chief Information Security Officer (CISo)

This is a senior-level position for security experts who oversee all kinds of data and information security activities for an organization. Depending on the company, the chief information security officer handles a number of responsibilities, including working directly with the management, the technical team, and of course, the cybersecurity team. Professionals working as CISo need to stay updated on all the trending security best practices and further research on the latest ways to secure the information and data for the company.

As it is evident by these numbers, there is no dearth of good opportunities in the field of cybersecurity. If you are keen on availing these opportunities, upskill in this domain to benefit from this demand-supply gap. Join the Advanced Cyber Security Course and upskill today!



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