Data science has steadily grown in popularity owing to the rise of digitization. As businesses all over the world embrace data, the market for data science and analytics grow manifold. Modern infrastructure uses data to drive business and generate revenue, so companies are hiring data experts in acknowledgement of this growing trend. The following articles show how data science helps organizations to make data driven decisions. 
Colleges are Using Big Data to Track Students in an Effort to Boost Graduation Rates
Colleges and universities are resorting to high-tech data solutions like predictive analysis to find trends in dropout rates among students. This data-driven path to graduation is helping students overcome barriers and address their issues while attending college. This is an exciting instance where data and analytics have actually improved the graduation rates and pushed students towards chasing a successful career.
ASU Library Opens Center for Data Science, Research Collaboration
As the world is gravitating towards data, it is becoming crucial for business leaders to get a hands-on knowledge of data. Arizona State University understands this requirement and intends to build the library as a critical resource to support all data enthusiasts. “Data science isn’t done in isolation. It’s inherently collective and interdisciplinary, which is why ASU is the perfect place for it,” said Simeone, an assistant research professor affiliated with the Biosocial Complexity Initiative, the Department of English, the Institute for Social Science Research, and the School of Sustainability.
Uber’s Data Science Vision: Empowering All To Become Data Scientists
World’s largest transportation network company wants all its employees to function in their respective roles like a data scientist. The driving idea behind this decision is the fact that data insights will help the company in fostering better customer relations. The company intends to accurately forecast demand and supply metrics to improve user experience. Employees are encouraged to refer to data analytics model to understand consumer behaviour towards that end.
Nike acquires Celect, Adds to Data Science Team
Nike is acquiring Celect, a retail analytics company to build its internal team of data science experts. This team will work towards improving the Consumer Direct Offense Plan to deliver an enhanced user experience. The acquisition of Celect follows Nike’s acquisition of Zodiac, another data analytics company last year, indicating that the sports brand is investing heavily in data to make their business data-driven.
Zindi rallies Africa’s data scientists to crowd-solve local problems
Cape Town based startup Zindi is convening Africa’s data scientists to solve complex problems through data science. It is hosting online competitions on data challenges to help companies, NGOs and government organizations find solutions to complex business and administrative problems. 
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