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As predicted by LinkedIn, Data Scientist jobs were definitely in demand in the previous year and it shows no signs of slowing down. To become a successful Data Scientist, one must possess certain skills and have the basic knowledge about the field. Here are some of the latest advancements which have taken place over the last week. 

Surge in demand for Data Science set to continue into the new decade  

While it is safe to say that the global oil and gas industry may face certain uncertainty over time, there is one trend that is sure to gain momentum- the adoption of Data Science and predictive technologies. The energy sector has recognised the valuable information embedded in the vast quantity of existing data. Data Science has the ability to solve problems more quickly and in an efficient manner. It is said to play an increasingly vital role in helping businesses reach their targets in various sectors. As with AIML, DS and DA will also become part of our everyday life soon enough.

4 Skills that Data Scientists should have

According to the 2020 Emerging Jobs Report published by LinkedIn, Data Scientists are in high demand. With the overwhelming amount of data available today, organisations are definitely looking for people who can generate meaningful insights in today’s complex business environment. Apart from the prerequisites such as statistics and applied mathematics, there are a few other skills that a good Data Scientist should have. Mastering these skills will go a long way if you’re trying to build a successful career in the world of Data Science. 

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$25 Million gift to fund new institute for data and society at Notre Dame  

Notre Dame will establish the Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society, this will expand data-based academic programs and serve as an interdisciplinary, university-wide hub. $25 million has been given as a gift to Notre Dame for this purpose. Tom Burish, the University provost says that the Lucy Family Institute will work with the existing data-driven academic and research programs and try to bring forth a broader range of disciplines like health and business. Academic publications and conferences will also be hosted by the university. 

Data Science is a growing field. Now, UNCC will train students for those jobs 

North Carolina’s School of Data Science will be opening this fall at UNC Charlotte. Under the existing initiative, the school is said to expand and start a masters program. Doug Hague, who was initially the interim director will become the executive director. The school is a result of collaborations with UNCCs existing academic programs such as College of computing and informatics, the Belk college of business and more. Hague recalls that when he first started his career there was no such thing as Data Science and the field has grown immensely. The program will not only prepare you for jobs, it will also prepare you to tackle important research. 

10 Latest Data Science Job Openings in Bengaluru 

Jobs in the field of Data Science are one of the highest paying jobs of this decade and industry leaders are looking to incorporate data science algorithms into their workflow. Upskilling and preparing for these Data Science Interviews would definitely be beneficial and prove to be worthy in the long run. This article talks about the latest job openings in India and the requirements for the same. A link to apply to these jobs has also been provided. Some of the companies listed here are Bounce, Decision Solutions, Tredence and Cimpress. 

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