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Great Learning brings you this live session on "Getting Started with HTML". In this session, you will be learning a programming language that bases every website on the Internet. We will start by discussing how HTML can be used to define the structure and content of web pages, right from scratch. This session will also help you to answer a variety of questions you may come across, such as: What are tags, elements and attributes? How do they work? Will this language help me become a Web Developer? And much more. We will also help you understand how to use the numerous number of tags available in HTML, post which we will cover concepts such as lists, tables, divs, forms and spans. Finally, we will end this session by looking at some attributes along with relevant practical demonstrations. This is a beginner-friendly live session that aims at helping you get started with HTML on the right note!

About the Speaker

Mr. Ritwik Raj

Great Learning


Ritwik is an experienced Technical Trainer, who has been working in the field of Full Stack Development and having expertise in languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, Java, Python, and SQL. He also has expertise in the field of Data Structure and Algorithm and has worked in Front end development projects using languages such as Angular and NodeJS.

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