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Path to Innovation with Design Thinking


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The webinar will be focused on highlighting the insight on how Design Thinking can help build an innovative mindset. The webinar will be structured around the following components:
    • 1) What is DT? A couple of examples of Design Thinking from the industry
      2) Your Innovation Challenge (case study) and the DT journey on the challenge, briefly touching base on the elements of the program
      3) Program Experience
      4) Why Stanford Design Thinking program? How does it stand apart?
  • About the Speaker

    Mr. Thaha Muhammed Abdul Kareem

    Group General Manager and Advisor to the Board of Directors, Masskar Group and Consultant, Wathnan Holding


    Thaha is an experienced professional with almost 19 years of experience working with a variety of organizations in different industries. Currently, he is based in Qatar. He works with Masskar Group, as a Group General manager and an Advisor to the Board and Wathnan Holding as a Consultant. He is a strong advocate of the process of continuous learning and has experienced numerous academic programs from top global universities.

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