With the outbreak of COVID-19, it seems as if the whole world has come to a standstill. Lockdowns have been imposed in many parts of the world. The job search has become increasingly difficult. But Data Scientists in India are still optimistic about the availability of jobs, suggests a report. Here are the recent advancements in the field of Data Science and Analytics over the past week.

Indian Data Scientists are optimistic about the availability of jobs despite COVID-19

A survey conducted by Analytics India Magazine about recruitment from a job seekers perspective suggests that more than 37% or one-third of the respondents believe that despite the current global crisis, Data Science jobs are available today. This shows a very optimistic overview of the situation. The survey was conducted in association with Analytixlabs and covers various aspects such as challenges faced during recruitment, the need for formal education or a degree, and more. 29% of the respondents feel that formal education is required to move ahead in this field. 66% of the respondents believe that upskilling through online self-paced education is far more beneficial than traditional methods. 

Bangalore has been ranked as the number one city for job opportunities with close to 87% of the job seekers voting for the city. This is followed by Mumbai and Delhi.

Top Data Analytics Trends that will rule in the next decade 

Data Analytics has shown a changing landscape in recent years. It is continuously evolving and the IDC reports predict that by 2025, there will be 175 zettabytes of data being generated. Businesses have realized the potential of data analytics to make intelligent decisions. Cloud and other open-source platforms have emerged as tools for AI and Machine Learning. Many data analytics processes have been automated. 

Managing this massive data certainly poses a challenge, but a huge opportunity as well. 



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