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In today’s world, technology has become an integral part of our lives. Our dependence on technology in current times has increased manifold. Start-ups, both Indian and International, are coming up with new AI-led technologies making them the new normal. Furthermore, mobile phones’ consumption to find answers to even the simplest questions of our daily needs has increased. Technology has not only made things easier and accessible but has also increased our standard of living rapidly. 

Technology in the education sector helps explore new pedagogies. It is observed that students’ engagement in an online class is much higher than that in a physical class owing to easy access to a variety of information. According to a Digital Education Survey conducted by Deloitte in 2016, approximately 79% of the teachers use technology to make learning more interactive while around 52% teachers use at least one digital device a day. With the right technology in place, complex tasks become less time-consuming. There is an increased room for experimentation and increased access to instant feedback. 

Importance of Tech Tools in Online Education 

If we talk about the importance of tech tools in the online education ecosystem, the list can be pretty long. But to cut things short, some of the advantages offered by tech technology in online education programs are as follows:

  • Using technology in the classroom allows experimenting and using various pedagogy and getting instant feedback from the students. It makes the learners more active and engaging. 
  • It ensures that the entire class participates in the lectures that are conducted online. For instance, online polling and other digital tools help all the students to engage. It further allows the educator to regularly check on the students with the course material and assignments.
  • Apps and e-textbooks provide an organized learning platform. There is no shortage of digital resources, as everyone at their convenience can access them. Some of the educators opt for gamification to make the session more interactive. Gamification and role-play promotes healthy competition.
  • Technology helps automate many tasks like keeping track of the students and their assignments, their attendance, and their performance, thereby saving time for everyone.

10 Essential Tech Tools For Online Management Program Students

There is no shortage of tech-based tools in online management and training programs to enhance learning. Tech tools help develop new skills essential for real-world life problem-solving, management, communication, and leadership skills. Here is a list of top 10 tech tools that are essential for online management program students:


With so many classes scheduled in a day, it becomes difficult for a student to keep track of all of them. Hence, they end up missing an important lecture. iStudiez is a student-planner app that helps a learner keep track of their plans with easy to follow organization and presentation. It helps them in keeping track of their grades and assignments and plans their lectures. Students can make block-style calendars, time tables, and to-do lists. The app also allows you to track your progress through its grade-graph feature. Furthermore, the app has received good ratings among other organization and planning apps.

Office Lens

The other most popular app among students is the Office lens. This app is suitable for making instant scans using the smartphone camera. The app can be easily synced with OneNote and OneDrive, which ensures that the documents, pictures, texts, etc. are safely and efficiently saved in the drive. The app also identifies the dimensions of the document being scanned, crops it, and makes the image crisp and tidy. 

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Taking notes is important when attending online management programs. One of the apps that have been ranked best for taking notes is Notability. Students can easily annotate pdfs, images, documents, and gif files and develop innovative ideas to make quick notes for the future. It also comes with a feature to record lectures as students can find it extremely difficult to take down notes while attending a lecture. Notability can be easily synced Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.


It is a student-assistant app that is more like a study buddy. SoundNote follows as the student types and sketches and records the audio along with it. It is not essentially a classroom app but is useful during group discussions, or team assignments, or interviews for assignments and research.


Taking back to back online classes can be stressful. StudyBlue is a powerful study assistant that helps in cutting the stress of the students. It does so by making learning quicker and efficient. The app makes it easier for you to study anytime, anywhere, and access millions of access materials. The different study materials include flashcards, notes, and guides. StudyBlue also helps in connecting you with other learners and engaging actively.

Google Drive 

How can we forget about Google Drive when talking about tech tools. We all have used it once in our life. The app allows us to store important files on the cloud, making it easier to access the file anytime, anywhere, through its synchronization system. Google Drive also offers a good amount of storage space and is simple to use.


Remember making references and citations in your projects and thesis? Isn’t it tiring? Not anymore. Referencing and citation generation is one of the most tedious and time daunting tasks for university students. EasyBib is a free bibliography generating app that reinforces all the important referencing rules that the students must follow. It easily generates citations from a lengthy list of formats and helps students choose from dozens of source options. 


Retaining mass information becomes difficult as you move from one semester to another or even from one subject to another. GoConqr solves this problem by providing interactive functions such as courses, flashcards, notes, quizzes, and charts. This app is thus one of the best apps for learning and management. It also comes with a digital library for its users.

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It is quite possible for a learner to get distracted while studying online. SelfControl is an app that every online management program student needs to use to prevent oneself from distracting, especially during an important lecture. The app can be downloaded for free and puts a block on any or every website that might distract you from your studies.


How can we forget about zoom when talking about online classes. Zoom is a free web and video conferencing app that makes it easier for the students to attend online classes. Zoom has become popular in recent times and is being extensively used for conducting online lectures, meetings, and webinars. 


Online education has gained popularity, especially in the current times when the world is fighting against a pandemic. Moreover, online management programs have become desirable among many working professionals who wish to add value to their knowledge. Thus, in a technology-driven world, many organizations have come up with various tech tools that make it easier for learners to continue their studies. Various tech tools can be used by students to manage their schedules, maintain a to-do-list and stick to it, attend online lectures without getting distracted, and to make notes efficiently for future references. Tech tools make learning much more interactive and engaging, which ensures increased participation from the students. A majority of these apps come for free, which is yet another plus point of using them.

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