PG program in Data Science

The number of applicants looking to pursue an MBA program in India is increasing every year and all of them aim for the IIMs and other Tier 1 institutes. However, only a small chunk of applicants are able to enter these premium institutes and the majority is left to choose from Tier 2 and Tier 3 MBA institutes.

Now, what could be the downsides to studying from such institutes:

  1. A hefty fee that often requires students to take education loans
  2. A regular MBA is a two years’ course and hence comes at an opportunity cost.
  3. The value of the degree for recruiters and the standard of education is less
  4. A large part of the students’ earnings after completing MBA goes in repaying their education loan

Now, if you’ve had similar thoughts and have wondered if there’s another way you can have a rewarding career, you can explore the field of Data Science with Great Learning’s PG program in Data Science and Engineering. 

What is Data Science?

“Data Science is the field of study that involves end to end process of data mining, collating the mined data, processing the data to analyse phenomena and patterns, and finally presenting a solution that solves a business problem, improves operations, and helps in making calculated decisions.” 

Data Science and Analytics are the backbones of almost all applications in modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, Big Data, SaaS, IoT and others.

Why choose a Career in Data Science?     

As of 2019, there were around 97,000 vacant positions for data science roles. This fact speaks volumes about the scope of data science as a career. Major industries like e-commerce, Information Technology, Banking, Retail, Healthcare, and Insurance are actively looking for skilled professionals to fill in multiple roles in the Data Science domain. 

It is very evident that the demand for data science professionals is high and is increasing by the year. On the other hand, supply is stringent and many companies struggle to find data science professionals for entry-level roles, senior roles and management teams. 

While the traditional higher education programs fail to produce professionals that are skilled in Data Science concepts, the new-age ed-tech providers are trying to fill this gap with their dedicated data science programs. One of the best programs in Data Science is Great Learning’s PG program in Data Science and Engineering.

Let us have a look at the journey of two candidates A and B, who choose to pursue an MBA from a tier II institute and PGP DSE respectively:

PG program in Data Science

The above infographic shows that while candidate B commits to the program for just 5 months while being in a full-time job, candidate A commits to the MBA program for two whole years with associated opportunity cost. Also, while at the end of the program candidate B enjoys a considerable salary hike, candidate A will have added expense towards loan repayment for a substantial time period. 

Placement Assistance for Career Success

Apart from a great course curriculum, Great Learning also provides career support which is an important aspect for the skilled data science professional to secure a position in a highly rewarding role and great working environment.

Unlike the PG program in DSE, a regular MBA will land you a job via campus placement, usually with unclear job roles and very basic salary packages. At the recent placement drive for DSE students saw an average salary hike of 85%. More than 100 companies participated in the drive. Some of them were Fractal Analytics, The Math Company, MuSigma, KPMG, Uber, Swiggy, Renault, Paisabazar, Mercedes Benz, Cognizant, Genpact, Kantar, Oyo, American Express, HSBC, Cartesian Consulting, DXC Technology, Big Basket, Policybazar, Mahindra Group, Latent View, United Health Group, Nielsen, Oppo, IBM, Indegene, and many more. 

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The highest CTC offered to a Data Science and Engineering graduate was 15.6 lacs per annum, and the average CTC was 6.9 lacs per annum. The roles that were offered to the skilled data science professionals were Analytics Consultant, Manager Analytics, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, ML Engineer, AI Engineer, Reporting Analyst, Research Executive, and Statistician.   

We hope that the above details help you make an informed decision about your career. If you wish to pursue a career in data science and put your career on the right track, upskill today with Great Learning’s PG program in Data Science and Engineering. 



  1. Iam working professional having 8 years experience in engineering domain.
    Now planning to switch more on technology side .
    Please guide me which is better .

    • Hi T Revardhan Reddy,

      Before you make your big switch, you should figure out which domain you want to enter into. You can explore the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Data Science, Business Analytics, Cybersecurity, and more.
      Once you decide on which domain interests you more, you can enrol with Great Learning to be job-ready in the same field. Please reach out to us if you have any questions in any field.

  2. My son is completing B Tech in computer science in May 2020 and he wanted to do some course in data science at university. Suggest good university with a scholarship

    • Dear Dr. Vijay Vir Singh,

      You can check out Great Learning’s PG program in Data Science. It is available in online mode and is a structured program that will prepare your son for jobs in data science and will also provide placement assistance.
      Please reach out to us in case you need more information on our Data Science courses.


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