We spoke to Bharat this week to get an insight into his transition journey and if we’ve been able to provide him with the right kind of support during the pandemic for a smooth learning experience.

Can you please describe your background and a little bit about what you were doing before you joined us?

I had about 3.5 years of experience when I joined the PG program at great learning.
Before joining Great Learning, I was working as a full-stack developer. I was working with Infosys for about 2.2 years before switching companies and moving to Mumbai. 

I wanted to grow my career from full-stack development to data science. I had already worked on a couple of data science projects while working as a full-stack developer and I wanted to learn more. This is when I started looking for courses to upskill and came to know about Great Lakes. I had already heard rave reviews of Great Lakes and thought it would be a good idea.

There are so many other platforms available when it comes to upskilling, why did you choose Great Learning?

Actually, one of my cousins was pursuing a course at Great Learning and he was very satisfied with the learning support. I was looking at several options so I wrote to Great Learning to know more about the course. They wrote back to me with all the necessary details about the learning content, the support throughout the course, and even career support. The mentorship was another factor that pulled me to this program as the knowledge of real-world applications always gives an added advantage.

What did you like most about our program?

I really like the hands-on approach to everything that we did in the course. Whether it was the weekly classes or the regular assessments, everything was well supported. Whatever projects we did could very well be used in real-environment applications, the support from the learning team helped us cope up with the pressure and difficulty.

How did you find the curriculum structure?

We started with the statistics section and moved to the machine learning section which were both very well structured and explained. The deep learning part was also well designed and covered in details. So my overall experience was excellent.

What’s your feedback on the career support team?

The career support team was extremely helpful. I had booked a session for my resume building which was very fruitful as it needed extra effort considering I was switching domains. My mentor helped me a lot to optimise my experience and build my resume for possible new opportunities. Great Learning also lets you upload your resume and get reviews on it which were also insightful. 

How would you describe Great Learning’s handling of the COVID situation and ensuring a seamless experience for all the learners?

The pandemic has slowed down hiring in the industry, but we are getting support from GL to look for opportunities. The learning process has been smooth and unaffected by the pandemic. We had been getting video tutorials and panel discussions regularly. This has been helpful. A digital career fair is also supposed to happen so I am looking forward to that. 

What’s your overall experience at Great Learning?

I think if anyone’s is looking to change domains and upskill then Great Learning is the best platform for that. Regardless of the covid-19, Great Learning provides the ideal platform for candidates to transition to other domains smoothly.



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