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TravoBOT – “Move freely in pandemic” (AWS Serverless Chatbot)

Team Members:1. Deepmala Agarwal2. Arun Mohan3. Ghanshyam Kumar Singh4. Hitaish Raina Of all the things that this pandemic has taught us, one of the primary concern that many people...
feature image - AWS Management Console - Great Learning

AWS Management Console: All You Need To Know

Amazon Web Services is the gold standard of Cloud Computing and is easily one of the most used Cloud Computing platforms. With so many users across the globe, it is very important...
Feature Image - Amazon EC2 - Great Learning

AWS EC2 Tutorial | What is AWS EC2?

Amazon Web Services is one of the leading Cloud Service Providers in the market. It is known for its 200+ services it offers. One of those services is AWS EC2, which is...
Feature Image - Amazon S3 - Great Learning

Amazon S3: Everything You Need To Know

Amazon Web Services is a gold standard in the Cloud market with 250+ services to boast of. Amazon S3 is one AWS Storage service that is widely used and loved in the...
Cloud Computing Industry Spends

Cloud Computing Industry Spends | Cloud Computing Statistics in 2021

Cloud Computing is the new oil of Application hosting and infrastructure planning. The demand for Cloud Computing has skyrocketed in the last half a decade. With increasing demands, businesses have realized the...