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How Migrating to AWS Cloud Can Benefit Small Businesses

Advantages of Cloud Technology for Businesses You are encountering more traffic, and your IT team is whining that it's getting increasingly hard to assign the assets to fulfill that...
Automation of energy meter reading

Automation of Energy Meter Reading, Monitoring and Billing using AWS

PROBLEM STATEMENT State Utility and energy supply companies currently use energy meters to measure the electricity consumption and chargeback to the consumers.  These meters display...

Hospitality Management with Drupal and AWS Services

Problem Statement Provide a platform for customers using which they can search and enjoy suitable home-like stay while travelling.Help customers to publish and advertise their property using the same...
AWS Certification roadmap

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certification Roadmap

More and more companies are moving their workloads to the public cloud. To successfully make this shift, these companies need skilled professionals to design, deploy, and manage cloud computing applications. In the...
Cloud-based IoT solutions using AWS

A Guide to building cloud-based IoT solutions in AWS

IoT has become quite the buzzword? The smart devices that talk to each other transmitting and collecting enormous amounts of data, surround us every day of our lives. A lot of work...