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    interview questions and answers

    Top 80+PowerShell Interview Questions And Answer 2021

    Powershell is getting more popular these days. Every DevOps professional and system admins have listed PowerShell scripting as one of the criteria in the job description. Catch up on the top 80+...
    devops salary

    DevOps Salary, Roles and Responsibilities

    You may have noticed that DevOps Engineers are becoming increasingly common these days. And as recruiters are looking for DevOps talent, DevOps Salary is also increasing rapidly. There is a disconnect between...

    A Guide to Understand DataOps | What is DataOps

    DataOps stems from the root of Agile Methodology and is an automated process that is process-oriented. DataOps is mainly used by the Analytics and Data teams to help in improving the quality...
    DevOps Engineer

    Top Skills required to become a DevOps Engineer

    Are you willing to take the plunge and move out of the traditional silhouette of being a generic software developer to something more exciting and professionally rewarding? Then DevOps is your best...
    DevOps automation tools

    Top DevOps Automation Tools

    There are a variety of definitions of the term DevOps out on the web. Interestingly, all of it is true to the subject matter at hand in their unique ways. If you...