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30 Top Hibernate Interview Questions

1. What is Hibernate? Ans:- Hibernate is an object-relational mapping tool which is going simplifies the java application interaction with the Database. It provides...

Exception Handling in JAVA with Examples

Java ExceptionsWhat is Exceptional HandlingJava Exception HierarchyJava Try-Catch BlockJava Multiple Catch BlockJava Nested TryJava Finally BlockJava Throw KeywordJava Throws Keyword Java Exceptions Exception handling plays...

A Beginner’s Guide to Programming | How to Start Coding

As someone from a non-technical background, the word ‘Programming’ would itself be enough to send shivers down your spine! So, you must be thinking ‘Why should I even put in the effort...
Data Structures Using Java

Data Structures & Algorithm using Java a Beginners Guide

What is Java?What are Data Structure?ArrayLinked ListStack QueueBinary TreeBinary Search TreeHeapHashing Graph What is Java? Before we learn about Data Structures using...

What is Bubble Sort Algorithm Using C,C++, Java and Python

What is Bubble sortBubble Sort PseudocodeBubble sort algorithmBubble sort dry runBubble sort time complexityBubble sort space complexity Bubble sort in CBubble sort in java Bubble sort in C++ Bubble sort...