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    JSP Interview Questions

    Top 40 JSP Interview Questions and Answers

    In the early days, there were various tools to develop dynamic web content such as Common Gateway Interface (CGI), mod_perl from Apache, ISAPI from Microsoft. All of them tried to generate web...

    Exception Handling in Java with Examples

    Java ExceptionsWhat is Exceptional HandlingJava Exception HierarchyJava Try-Catch BlockJava Multiple Catch BlockJava Nested TryJava Finally BlockJava Throw KeywordJava Throws Keyword Java Exceptions Exception handling plays...
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    Collection in Java

    Introduction A collection is a group of objects or it is a single entity that represents multiple objects.  Collection Framework consists of classes and interfaces by...
    struts in java

    Introduction to Struts in Java

    Struts in Java is an open-source framework that is made by Apache. Apache provides a free source to download Struts for users. It follows the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern. There are...
    generics in java

    Constructors in Java

    What is a constructor?  We all know that an object of a particular class contains instance variables, but if we want to perform some operations on the instance variables...