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What is Artificial Intelligence?

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence What is Artificial Intelligence?History of Artificial IntelligenceHow do we measure if the AI is acting like a human? What is the...
hypothesis testing in R

Hypothesis Testing in R- with examples and case study

What is Hypothesis Testing? Hypothesis Testing is an essential part of statistics for Data Analytics. It is a statistical method used to make decisions based on statistics from experimental...
python tutorial for beginners

Python Tutorial For Beginners – A Complete guide

What is Python and how Python works?What is Python used for?How to download Python?Why Python?R vs. PythonHow fast can you learn Python?What are the top Python IDEsWhich is the best IDE...
21 open source python libraries

21 Open Source Python Libraries You Should Know About

The probability that you must have heard of ‘Python’ is outright. Guido Van Rossum’s brainchild – Python, which dates back to the ’80s has become an avid game changer. It is one of the...

How Boredom Led To The Creation Of Python

If necessity is the mother of invention, boredom is the father. From toothpaste with a squeezer to cupcakes, from mirror wipers to pizza scissors, it was sheer boredom that led to these wacky inventions. Boredom...