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PG Program in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Business Applications

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Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Designed to build industry-valued skills
  • Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, and more
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  • Collaborative yet personalised learning in groups of up to 15 learners
  • 8+ Projects under the guidance of industry experts
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  • Personalised 1:1 career coaching and interview prep
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Designed to build industry-valued skills
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Interactive mentored learning in groups of up to 15 learners
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8+ Projects under the guidance of industry experts
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Comprehensive AI Program for Working Professionals

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Certificate from The University of Texas at Austin

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Faculty Director, PGP-AIML

H. Timothy (Tim) Harkins Centennial Professor Faculty Director, Center for Research and Analytics

MS & PhD: Stanford University

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Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning : Future of the world

AI is improving our daily lives very smartly. It has become an inseparable component of our lives today as it is not only influencing businesses but also people on an extensive scale. In the near future, the scope of AI is only going to increase. The smart virtual digital assistants such as Cortana, Alexa, or Siri are the biggest examples of how it is making our lives simpler every day. Our interaction with AI can be evidently seen through our way of using smartphones to track short routes, get live insights on traffic, and for many other recommendations.


The advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence and AI-integrated technologies have made us witness the applications of AI in our daily lives now. We can see its use around us through chatbots, product recommendations, personalized experiences, and customer support systems. Self-driving cars on roads and now drones to be used to deliver items to doorsteps are few great deals that we get with the applications of Artificial Intelligence


The advancement of AI stands strong for the sole reason of having huge amounts of data available to analyze. According to some reports around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being generated every day. Undoubtedly, it is only going to boom in the coming times. This data is generated by different sources like people, devices, and various other systems. Other than the data, some credit also goes to the storage space and the highly advanced computing systems in enhancing the development of this domain.


The scope and utility of AI is being explored by all businesses these days to evaluate new products and capabilities in order to provide the best customer experience and gain a competitive advantage to make more profits and savings. Undoubtedly, AI has helped businesses in making practical decisions and improving operations and customer service, and thus businesses are looking to adopt AI and enhance their potential. 


What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

The creations of such intelligent systems which act and react like humans because they are the smartest creatures on Earth and can think and process things that are entered into their system is known as Artificial Intelligence. We can also say that the technology that develops the ability to behave like humans into a computer system with past data and learnings is termed as Artificial Intelligence. 


Machine learning as the name says is all about training a machine to learn outputs from the past data. It is a technology that is used to train systems in order to perform tasks without having to give explicit instructions. Machine learning technology helps in deriving useful insights from the humongous amount of data that is collected and then helps businesses make smarter decisions to grow. 



Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Different Sectors 

Although every sector is now open to use the tools and techniques of Artificial Intelligence and is massively influenced by AI in the current times. Here are a few sectors that are fast adapting and growing with the use of Artificial Intelligence.


Healthcare : If there’s one industry that has leveraged AI technologies to the fullest then it is Healthcare. AI is used to develop and help medical institutions in order to streamline clinical as well as administrative processes. From providing the best medications to helping in surgeries, virtual nursing, fraud detection, dosage error detection, preliminary diagnosis, automated image diagnosis, etc; healthcare has come a long way with the help of Artificial Intelligence and its applications.


Entertainment : Media and entertainment industries are using ML algorithms to provide the best-designed advertisements and film trailers to the audience. Today personalized user experience is the key to give maximum entertainment through streaming channels that recommend content based on people’s choices and on their specific activity and behavior. AI technologies are used to improve the speed and efficiency of the media production and to organize virtual assets. It is also being used by most of the gaming platforms to provide the best interactive experiences whereas sports use it to prepare games and provide real-time analysis of the actions on the field. 


Self-Driving Automobiles  : Notwithstanding the fact, that transportation is probably one of the major sectors to be benefitted by AI. For example, designing self-driving automobiles that work without any human intervention. Self-driving cars access data from GPS, cameras, cloud services, and more to control the vehicle. The role of Machine Learning in predicting traffic and other basic things to control the vehicle is vital. Have you come across any of the self-driving cars by Tesla? They are the best examples to understand how AI works. Computer vision, image detection, machine learning, deep learning techniques, and what not is applied to build effective and safer autonomous vehicles. 


Space Science  : Astronomers also use AI and ML to study huge amounts of data collected over the years. It is being used by NASA to perform rigorous studies on other planets, solar systems to get the most accurate insights and solutions for different challenges of space science. 


Banking and Finance :Artificial Intelligence has a huge role to play in the banking and finance industry. The applications of AI are meant to revolutionize the industry and escalate it towards more safe and secure processes. 


It is being used at so many levels from detecting anti-money laundering patterns fraud detection which is its main objective where it provides accurate and reliable results. If we see automated AI systems are backing about 70% of the trading these days. Other than legal and security aspects, AI is also being used to provide better customer services with the help of chatbots and virtual assistants.


Marketing : All content-generating agencies and companies are overwhelmed by the existence of Artificial Intelligence. The AI-generated content helps them create better and more engaging content pieces that help them connect to the users and provide them relevant things to read or watch. One of the biggest aspects of AI that has changed the future of SEO strategies is the Voice Search feature. These brands have started to leverage profits on organic traffic. 

More such marketing applications such as media buying, predictive analytics, lead scoring, marketing automation, etc, are all set to give better results with the use of AI. With some of the algorithms of machine learning, a vast amount of data can be read to pull out insights about the ads that performed best, the targeted audience and the buying stage, etc. which ultimately will help them make more relatable content for the audiences. Not just this, AI is helping to develop or improve the web and app personalization, chatbots, targeting, or re-targeting along with other marketing aspects that are used for conversion. 


How to pursue an Artificial Intelligence course online?

For those who are completely new to this domain and wish to master it, they must have an understanding of a few skills before they take up an Artificial Intelligence course online. 


These requirements are also important to gain the right understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses online

Math Skills : Mathematics is one of the major requirements. You should have an understanding of concepts like Linear Algebra, Probability, Matrix Algebra, Vectors, Calculus, etc. which play a key role in the learning of AI and ML technologies.

Solid knowledge of mathematical concepts is necessary for those who take up an Artificial Intelligence course online so as to grasp the AI techniques to solve new problems. Math skills help one gain expertise in addressing a problem, solving it, and validating it. 


Coding Skills: In any applied AI course online, there is a requirement of programming experiences as there are a lot of in-depth concepts requiring basic knowledge of programming languages such as Python, R, C++, Java, MYSQL, etc. One must have a fair understanding of the languages in order to make a good base in the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Python is one of the most used languages in AI and hence is the most important out of all. 


Statistics: While you are wanting to learn AI theories through AI courses, it is important to know the basics of Statistics since the Artificial intelligence online course is all about collecting, and summarizing data. A strong understanding of statistical concepts like descriptive statistics, hypothesis,  testing, probability theory, regression, etc. is extremely important as AIML courses require a lot of statistical analysis to get the best solutions to the given problems.   


Why do you need Artificial Intelligence Courses?

Here are a few points which can help you understand why you should take up AI online courses to get good training in AI:

  • Looking at the current trend, it is not hard to predict that Artificial Intelligence is going to be a major contributor and driver of the economy in the future. 
  • From private companies to even governments, everyone is seeing the potential in the AI and ML techniques. It is expected that in the coming years, at least 75% of the existing enterprises all across the globe are going to implement AI and ML techniques in their industries. Governments are taking all possible steps to ensure that AI contributes significantly to the economy in the coming times. 
  • Of course, all this definitely gives a vision to millions of new opportunities for AIML professionals across the globe. Therefore, it is the best time to upskill and make the most from the job roles. Taking up a Masters in Artificial Intelligence online is one option, the other is to enroll in a post-graduate program in AIML to become an expert in this field and set a path for the best career opportunities. 



What is the advantage of the AIML online program by UT Austin?

After enrolling to the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning online program provided by the UT Austin in collaboration with Great Learning, the following will be the major key learning outcomes: 

  • Build your expertise in the most widely-used AI & ML tools and technologies. Acquire the ability to independently solve business problems using AI & ML.
  • Master the skills needed to build machine learning and deep learning models.
  • Develop know-how of the applications of AI in areas such as Computer Vision & NLP.
  • Understand the possibilities and implications of AI in different industries.
  • Build a substantial body of work and an industry-ready portfolio in AI & ML.


Who is this program for ?

The PGP-AIML course by the University of Texas is suitable for you if you: 

  • Aspire to build a technical career in AI and Machine Learning.
  • Like solving complex problems in a structured manner.
  • Are comfortable in dealing with advanced algorithms.
  • Have prior programming experience and want to learn Python.
  • Want to build AI/ML solutions integrated into tech infrastructures.
  • Wish to learn advanced AI, ML and Deep Learning techniques, and their applications.


So, without any second thoughts, just go ahead and Apply Now for our best Artificial Intelligence course online.



How will Great Learning’s AI course help in gaining practical knowledge?

The online PG program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Business Applications (PGP-AIML) helps you to get hands-on training through its 8+ hands-on projects and an intensive Capstone project. The projects can be done with the guidance of industry experts who help you throughout the program and lets you complete your project with a better understanding. In this course, you get to master concepts such as unsupervised learning, supervised learning, TensorFlow, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, as well as Recurrent Neural Networks.



Why choose Great Learning for PGP-AIML online course?

The best thing about opting Great Learning for your AI and machine learning courses is that you get hands-on training and practical based learning experiences which helps you solve business problems and gain the ability to master the concepts using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS), Olympus makes sure that you possess complete knowledge of all AI concepts and assess you at each stage with the help of regular tests and quizzes. You also get to network with fellow learners from all across the world and attend weekly sessions by industry experts.  



Flexibility is among the most important attributes of Great Learning as it provides learners with complete freedom to learn at their own pace. With Olympus, the Learning Management System (LMS), one gets to access all the recorded video lectures by the faculty and also the weekly mentored sessions and industry professionals. You can watch the missed sessions using your personal login at any time and also discuss your queries in the discussion forum. The PG program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Business Applications by UT Austin is the most comprehensive program which helps you build an industry-ready e-portfolio in AI & ML without having to compromise with your personal and work life. 



Now a lot of people want to upskill or transition into the Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning field but they do not because of the expensive courses or unreliable programs. The Artificial Intelligence online certification course by the University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with Great Learning is both reliable and cost-effective. The easy payment options available ensure your convenience and will to enroll for an online course and gain credibility in the field of AI and grow in the future. 


Evaluation System

Despite this being an online course, it is structured to provide you learnings at your pace with complete assessment of your skills and Live Mentored Sessions by industry leaders on weekends. It is a program for working professionals who want to upskill while working and grow in either the current organization or are looking for better opportunities in the future. Your skills will be tested with weekly quizzes and tests that will evaluate your real-world AI understanding along with your performance based on your projects. A minimum of 60% of marks is necessary for you to complete the course and get the AI certification online. Upon successful completion, you get an artificial intelligence certificate from the University of Texas at Austin directly.