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Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Designed to build industry-valued skills
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  • Collaborative yet personalised learning in groups of up to 15 learners
  • 8+ Projects under the guidance of industry experts
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  • Personalised 1:1 career coaching and interview prep
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Designed to build industry-valued skills
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Interactive mentored learning in groups of up to 15 learners
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8+ Projects under the guidance of industry experts
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Comprehensive AI Program for Working Professionals

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Faculty Director, PGP-AIML

H. Timothy (Tim) Harkins Centennial Professor Faculty Director, Center for Research and Analytics

MS & PhD: Stanford University

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Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Online in the USA: Future of the world


Artificial Intelligence has become an inseparable component of our lives today as it is not only influencing businesses but also people on an extensive scale. In the near future, the Scope of AI is only going to increase. AI is improving our daily lives very smartly. Our interaction with AI can be evidently seen through our way of using smartphones to track short routes, get live insights on traffic, and for many other recommendations. Even the smart virtual digital assistants such as Cortana, Alexa, or Siri are the biggest examples of how it is making our lives simpler every day. 

It is being used by businesses to explore and design new products, and capabilities to make better decisions at saving costs and time and eventually grow in the competitive landscape of the century. A lot of marketing decisions and improvement in operations and customer service is being driven by the huge amount of data collected by businesses and concepts like the Internet of Things. The AI market is likely to exhibit a remarkable CAGR of 33.1% between 2019 and 2026, says a report by Fortune Business Insights. If these figures prove to be right, the AI market, which was valued at USD 20.67 Billion in 2018, will reach USD 202.57 Billion by the end of 2026.

Until recently, not a lot of data was available to predict accurate insights and also train systems. The advancement of AI stands strong for the sole reason of having huge amounts of data available to analyse. According to some reports around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being generated every day. Undoubtedly, it is only going to boom in the coming times. This data is generated by different sources like people, devices and various other systems. Other than the data, some credit also goes to the storage space and the highly advanced computing systems in enhancing the development of this domain. Under the broad domain of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning falls as a subset. 


What Exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

The idea of creating intelligent systems that think and act like humans do on their own is Artificial Intelligence. Because humans are by far the smartest creatures on Earth. In other words, The technology that develops the ability in a computer system to mimic human behavior by learning from past data is known as Artificial Intelligence. 


What is Machine Learning?

The technology used to train systems to perform specific tasks without giving explicit instructions is Machine Learning. In simple words, Machine Learning is all about training a machine to learn from past data. It helps in deriving meaningful insights from the vast amount of data collected and then helps to grow businesses. 

A lot of questions are answered by accessing data by using the tools and techniques of Machine Learning technology. As simple as automatic recommendations of tagging people on social media sites is an example of Machine Learning. It is the demand of the decade and which is why people are exploring its techniques and learning through best machine learning courses online or offline to expand their skill-set and get machine learning certification online.


Importance of AIML in the USA

Both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are creating a noticeable impact on almost all domains such as Finance, Marketing, Healthcare, Gaming, HR and many more. 

Let us quickly look into a few of the most interesting fields where AI is being implemented.


1. Self-Driving or Autonomous Automobiles : Notwithstanding the fact, that transportation is probably one of the major sectors to be benefitted by AI. For example, designing self-driving automobiles that work without any human intervention. Self-driving cars access data from GPS, cameras, cloud services, and more to control the vehicle. The role of Machine Learning in predicting traffic and other basic things to control the vehicle is vital. Have you come across any of the self-driving cars by Tesla? They are the best examples to understand how AI works. Computer vision, image detection, machine learning, deep learning techniques and what not is applied to build effective and safer autonomous vehicles. 


2. Gaming : The gaming sector is no way behind. The designing of responsive and adaptive gaming characters is mainly with the help of AI technology. With the help of AI, the gaming characters are developed incompetence with the human players thus making games much more realistic and exciting. 


3. Healthcare : Healthcare has evolved to a significant level over the years and AI has a huge part to play in it. by helping physicians in solving healthcare problems and saving human lives, it is the most reliable technology to serve patients in a better way and study patient's health data for performing diagnoses. It is being used by physicians in the screening and diagnosis process for detecting problems accurately and prescribing the right treatment and medications.


4. Space Science and Exploration : Astronomers also use AI and ML to study huge amounts of data collected over the years. It is being used by NASA to perform rigorous studies on other planets, solar systems to get the most accurate insights and solutions for different challenges of space science. 


Requirements for Pursuing Masters in Artificial Intelligence Online in the USA

For those who are completely new to this domain and wish to master it, they must have an understanding of a few skills before they take up an Artificial Intelligence course online in the USA. These requirements are also important to gain the right understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses online. 


Math Skills : Mathematics is one of the major requirements. You should have an understanding of concepts like Linear Algebra, Probability, Matrix Algebra, Vectors, Calculus, etc. which play a key role in the learning of AI and ML technologies.

Solid knowledge of mathematical concepts is necessary for those who take up an Artificial Intelligence course online so as to grasp the AI techniques to solve new problems. Math skills help one gain expertise in addressing a problem, solving it and validating it. 


Coding Skills : Since AI courses online include a lot of in-depth concepts requiring programming experience beforehand, one should possess knowledge on programming languages like Python, R, C++, Java, MYSQL and many more to master A. Having a fair understanding of these programming languages will help you gain a thorough grounding in the aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Python is one of the most important languages applied in AI. 


Statistics : In learning AIML theories, Statistics play a vital role since it is all about collecting, organising and summarizing data. Hence it is important to have a strong understanding of statistical concepts like descriptive statistics, hypothesis,  testing, probability theory, regression, etc. AIML employs a lot of statistical analysis to derive the best solutions for given problems. 

Other than the above-mentioned prerequisites, your passion and dedication to learn AIML is what matters the most. If you are someone who is willing to deal with a large amount of data and see yourself using it to solve real-world problems, then this Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning online program is for you.  


The Demand For Artificial Intelligence Courses Online in The USA

  • Looking at the current trend, it is not hard to predict that Artificial Intelligence is going to be a major contributor and driver of the economy in the future. 
  • From private companies to even governments, everyone is seeing the potential in the AI and ML techniques. It is expected that in the coming years, at least 75% of the existing enterprises all across the globe are going to implement AI and ML techniques in their industries. Governments are taking all possible steps to ensure that AI contributes significantly to the economy in the coming times. 
  • Of course, all this definitely gives a vision to millions of new opportunities for AIML professionals across the globe. Therefore, it is the best time to upskill and make the most from the job roles. Taking up a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence online in the USA is one option, the other is to enroll in a post-graduate program in AIML to become an expert in this field and set a path for the best career opportunities. 


Why should you pursue a program in AI online in the USA?

Since the USA is among the most powerful and advanced countries today, AI technology is also advancing rapidly as compared to other countries. The development and application of AI is at par in the USA resulting in huge need of AI professionals in the near future. 

The technology is being applied in public and private sectors in the USA. AI is also expected to take over many existing job roles. According to statistics, there are around 45000+ existing job roles in AI across the United States as of 2019. Hence, taking up AI courses online in the USA is the best way to upskill and make yourself ready for new demand. Enroll yourself in an online program in Machine Learning in the USA today and get the best career opportunities. 


Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Online Program in the USA


1. What do you learn with our Artificial Intelligence Online Program in the USA?

It is quite noticeable that AI and Machine Learning are almost applied in most industrial as well as a social set-up. We can see its use in sectors like transportation, healthcare, logistics, insurance, customer service, finance, etc. Looking at the diverse use of AI techniques, it can be beneficial for professionals to take up one of the best PG Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning curated by the academic leadership of McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin, delivered in collaboration with Great Learning. 


2. Why should you choose AI as a career option?

Since there is still a huge gap between the demand and supply of AIML professionals, the industries are ready to pay high and the competition is also less in the current times. It is also one of the most demanded fields of jobs and it is only going to increase in the near future. In case you are also looking for a lucrative career option, our post-graduate program in AIML is what you should go for. 


3. What is the advantage of the UT Austin AIML online program?

Once you enroll in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning online program, the following will be the major key learning outcomes 

  • Build your expertise in the most widely-used AI & ML tools and technologies. Acquire the ability to independently solve business problems using AI & ML.

  • Master the skills needed to build machine learning and deep learning models.

  • Develop know-how of the applications of AI in areas such as Computer Vision & NLP.

  • Understand the possibilities and implications of AI in different industries.

  • Build a substantial body of work and an industry-ready portfolio in AI & ML.


4. What projects will you work on with Great Learning’s AI course?

The AIML online course helps you to work on various hands-on projects and a Capstone project with the industry leaders who help you throughout the program to learn and complete your project with complete understanding. You also get to master concepts such as unsupervised learning, supervised learning, TensorFlow, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, as well as Recurrent Neural Networks.


5. Who is this program for ?

The PGP-AIML course by the University of Texas is suitable for you if you: 

  • Aspire to build a technical career in AI and Machine Learning.

  • Like solving complex problems in a structured manner.

  • Are comfortable in dealing with advanced algorithms.

  • Have prior programming experience and want to learn Python.

  • Want to build AI/ML solutions integrated into tech infrastructures.

  • Wish to learn advanced AI, ML and Deep Learning techniques, and their applications.

So, without any second thoughts, just go ahead and Apply Now for our best online Artificial Intelligence course.


Important Factors : 

There is not just one but a lot of other factors that make Great Learning one of the best platforms to offer an online PG Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It caters to the best teaching techniques in the form of recorded video lectures, live mentoring sessions from the faculty of UT Austin, and the experienced Industry Leaders around the globe, a dedicated Program Manager that assists with academic & non-academic queries throughout the program journey. The program also unlocks career opportunities with personalized 1:1 career coaching and interview preparation. With Post Graduate Program in AIML, learn applications of AI in areas such as Neural Networks, Computer Vision & NLP.


Why choose Great Learning for PGP-AIML online course in the USA?

With Great Learning, you get hands-on training and practical-based learning experience which helps you acquire the ability to independently solve business problems using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. To make sure that you possess a complete understanding of AI concepts, our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS), Olympus, assess a learner at each stage of the program with quizzes and tests. An enrolled learner gets many other benefits like networking with fellow learners from other parts of the world. 


Evaluation System:

Despite this being an online course, it is structured to provide you learnings at your pace with complete assessment of your skills and Live Mentored Sessions by industry leaders on weekends. It is a program for working professionals who want to upskill while working and grow in either the current organization or are looking for better opportunities in the future. Your skills will be tested with weekly quizzes and tests that will evaluate your real-world AI understanding along with your performance based on your projects. A minimum of 60% of marks is necessary for you to complete the course and get the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning certification online. Upon successful completion, you get a certificate from the University of Texas at Austin directly.



Learners have the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Olympus, the Learning Management System (LMS) provides access to video lectures and mentored sessions. A learner can watch missed sessions using one login and enter into a discussion on the discussion forum. With the mobile app, a learner can study on any device without any restriction. The PG program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by UT Austin will help you build a substantial body of work and an industry-ready portfolio in AI & ML without quitting your job.



The Artificial Intelligence online certification course delivered by the University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with Great Learning. The easy payment options make it extremely convenient for learners or professionals to enroll in the course and invest in a bright and better future.