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In this course, you will understand Algorithms and their Analysis followed by their types. You will start by understanding Divide and Conquer Algorithms, how it works, and algorithms based on Binary Search and Quick Sort, followed by its implementation and analysis. Then you will understand Greedy Algorithms its properties followed by two problems based on this approach along with their implementation. Then you will understand Backtracking Algorithms followed by one famous problem known as Rat in a Maze. Then we will conclude our course with Hashing Algorithms, its applications, followed by one problem and its implementation.


  • Advanced Algorithms

Course Syllabus

Algorithms in Java for Intermediate Level

  • Introduction
  • Algorithms
  • Binary Search
  • Quick Sort
  • Introduction to Greedy
  • Activity Selection Problem
  • Denomination Problem
  • Introduction to Backtracking
  • Rat in Maze Problem
  • Introduction to Hashing
  • Subarray with Sum Zero
  • Summary

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