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Computer Science/It/Is

Crash Course on Database Management


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About this Live Course

This crash course will be delivered in Hindi. It will cover all the concepts of Database Management Systems (DBMS) under the Computer Science/IT/IS branch syllabus for 2nd/3rd year. This course is specially designed to help you understand the concepts you need help in. This course will help you in solving numericals, answer questions, understand concepts & prepare for your internal/exams.

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  • Languages & Architectures
  • Conceptual Data Modelling using Entities & Relationships
  • Relational Model
  • Relational Algebra
  • Design into a Logical Design
  • SQL
  • Internet Applications
  • Normalization
  • Transaction Processing
  • Concurrency Control
  • ...

Class Schedule

  • Overview of Databases
    Tue, 01 Dec, 7:00 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Architecture
    Wed, 02 Dec, 7:00 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Database languages
    Thu, 03 Dec, 7:00 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Entities and Relationships
    Fri, 04 Dec, 7:00 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Relational model
    Tue, 08 Dec, 7:00 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Relational Algebra
    Thu, 10 Dec, 7:00 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Overview of SQL + Extended ER-Model
    Fri, 11 Dec, 7:00 PM IST
    2 hrs
  • Normalization
    Mon, 14 Dec, 7:00 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Transaction(Crash course)
    Tue, 15 Dec, 7:00 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Serializability
    Wed, 16 Dec, 7:00 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Concurrency Control in Databases
    Thu, 17 Dec, 7:00 PM IST
    1 hr

About the Mentor

Ms. Krishna Raulji

M.E. Computer Engineering

Faculty for Computer Science Engineering


Krishna is serving as an Assistant Professor for CSIT Engineering in Ahmedabad. and has expertise in subjects like, Web Technology, Computer Networks, Information & Network Security , Database Management System , System Programing. She also has mastery over various languages like C, C++, HTML, CSS, Java, Php, Ios.
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