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Great Learning brings you to this live session on "Introduction to Javascript". In this session, you will understand the concept of JavaScript and cover a variety of important topics involving learning to write JS code, learning about where to write JS code (inline, internal and external) including comments. You will also understand JavaScript properties and understand how it is both, a dynamically typed as well as a weakly-typed programming language. This session will include 5 primitive JavaScript data types, discussing how to check the data type of a variable and some commonly asked questions based on the same. Then you will understand the concept of a variable, how to write them and what is the naming convention that one should follow for variables when working with JavaScript. In the end, you will understand conditional statements, such as if-else, nested if-else, etc. followed by loops wherein we will discuss while loop, for loop, and so on. We will also understand some important operators such as arithmetic operators, bitwise operators, logical operators etc.

About the Speaker

Mr. Faizan Parvez

Great Learning


Faizan has been working as an Instructor of Data Structure and Algorithm for the last 1 year. He has expertise in languages such as Java , JavaScript etc. He is a Subject Matter Expert in the field Computer Science and a competitive programmer. He has been working in the technical content development and is a Research Analyst .

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