why mba

Here is how our students and alumni have applied their learnings from the PGPM-Ex program in different domains:

Since I am from academics, I am able to apply the organizational behavior concepts to understand student behavior, strategy thinking to adopt methods to improvise results or output, data analytics for accreditation work, and project management techniques in student projects.

Prathibha Narayanan (Assistant Professor)


I try to understand better the pre-sales team of my organization when in proposal meetings (mainly when they ask for some change at the last minute). I now see things from a business viewpoint and not just from a deliverable perspective.

Sanath H R (Project Manager)


The way I interact with my subordinates and my manager has changed. My value in the team has increased as I’m now speaking the business’s language.

Arun Vasu Sriranga (IT Professional)


Working in Royal Enfield, learnings from Mr. Jones Mathews’ Marketing Management course served as a solid platform during Product Strategy CFT meetings that I’ve attended during the past 3 months.

Anish Arun (Deputy Manager)


Business finance concepts are used to the best of my knowledge in trading, thereby increasing my returns tremendous. It has generated an alternate steady income during my sabbatical and also given me family time. The Entrepreneurship course and marketing concepts have given me a new way of looking at things especially for my future approach as a consultant.

Kirthiga S (Process Manager)


I am in the real estate industry so I am using the decision-making techniques and financial management I learned during the course, in my field, as required.

Susmant Kumar Ganguly (AGM)





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