In this week’s guide, let us take a look at climate change and COVID-19. As we all know, climate change has been the talk of the town along with COVID-19. Both of them have caused us extreme damage, but can be studied with the help of data science and analytics. Learn more. 

Linux foundation commits to addressing climate change with data and analytics

On Tuesday, the Linux Foundation announced a brand new initiative. The initiative is to provide banks, investors, insurers, companies, NGOs with an AI-enabled open-source platform to boost financing climate-related activities. The plan is to address climate risks and opportunities. Also known as LFCF or the LF Climate Finance Foundation, it aims in identifying companies, infrastructure, and projects that could thrive in a low-carbon economy. 

Brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, and S&P Global have said they will become the founding members. The core planning team at Climate Finance Foundation includes representatives from the WWF or the World Wide Fund for Nature, SASB or the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, and Ceres. 

Student Analytics group joins forces with organisations fighting COVID-19

The unfortunate events of the global pandemic forced students from all over the world to evacuate their campus and head back indoors. Jerry Huang, Harvard undergraduate, and the CEO of the Harvard College Data Analytics Group (HDAG) decided to make use of his skills to make a difference in this difficult situation. He says that he saw the need for data analytics and insights in this crucial moment and thus decided to bridge the gap between the Harvard community and these organisations. The students would provide clients with services such as data modelling, data visualization, and journalism. 

For more such weekly guides, watch this space. Head to the Great Learning Academy for free courses on Data Science and Analytics. 



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