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A history buff who can't get enough of the past, Lateeka loves cycling, running and eating. When she's not busy overthinking and daydreaming about the world turning upside down, you might see her binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S or curling up with a good book while enjoying some dark chocolate. However, her love for learning something new trumps all.
social media marketing

How to use Social Media Marketing during these uncertain times to grow your Business

COVID-19 has taken such a heavy toll on vulnerable communities and companies that they have to rethink their social media marketing strategies. In times of uncertainty, it is hard to know what...
influencer campaign

How to create a Successful Influencer Campaign?

Is your brand getting all the attention that it deserves on social media? Increasing your brand value on social media is not a one-day job. So if you want to increase your...

What can Legal Professionals Learn from Design Thinking?

As with sectors such as healthcare, education and housing, Design Thinking is driving innovation and revolutionising products and services in the legal domain as well. Perhaps, Design Thinking has been used more...
Product Marketing Strategy

Brand Marketing Vs Product Marketing Strategy? Which Works Best for your Business?

What is Product Marketing?Advantages of Product MarketingWhat is Brand Marketing?Advantages of Brand MarketingDeciding what works best for your business Conclusion  Product Marketing and Brand Marketing are two faces of the...
digital content marketing

How to become a Digital Content Marketing Specialist?

Introduction How to start your career as a digital content specialist?Conclusion  Introduction While searching for something on social media, do you often come across some pages/groups that...