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While searching for something on social media, do you often come across some pages/groups that spellbind you with their content or eye-catching graphics? Well, all such gripping blog posts, catchy images and digital advertising come from individuals who specialise in marketing campaigns and content strategy. They’re called Content Marketing Specialists, and possess skills that set them apart from an average joe with some blogging experience. Content Marketing Specialists are basically responsible for creating editorial calendars, crafting email marketing strategies and designing the content that is in sync with a search engine optimisation (SEO) plan.

Does this sound like a role you want your career in? Read on to know how to secure a career in Content Marketing. 

How to start your career as a digital content specialist?

  • Learn about the fundamentals of digital marketing and writing 

Before you should start your career as a digital content marketing specialist, it is necessary to know about content marketing and digital marketing fundamentals. Try to read more blogs, newsletters and publications about marketing channels, such as Website Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, etc. as these will help you understand how to get your content more attention.

Not only should you look upon digital marketing alone, but you should also work on enhancing your writing skills, which is something often overlooked by those aspiring to succeed as digital marketers. All those who are new to the world of content writing should start working copywriting positions. Furthermore, while writing, do not forget to be creative and engage people with a combination of both—imaginative and text-based approaches. 

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  • Master Technical Skills like PPC advertising and Become an SEO expert

Once you get a general idea of what digital marketing is all about, the next step will be to master some technical skills and familiarise yourself with WordPress and other content management systems. Try to get comfortable with HTML, Google Analytics (and similar analytics platforms), as well as CSS, demand generation, and basic coding. 

To ensure that your content gets views and ranks higher in the SERP, it is essential to get a firm grasp of SEO and inbound marketing. Apart from monitoring the website/social media account, digital content marketer jobs also involve analysing the data and making reports. So, it is necessary to get a thorough understanding of Digital Marketing tools as well. 

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  • Learn the tricks of the trade: Email Marketing

When it comes to the most popular selling tools, Email Marketing rules the charts as there are many ways to segment, customise messages to customers, and receive a good ROI for your business. To excel in email marketing, you should mainly focus on the content, which includes writing better headlines, working on the creatives and making the CTA visible to improve the key metrics like open rate, clickthrough rate (CTR) and conversion rate. Once the email is sent, monitor it using tools that provide quantifiable results about the success of the campaign.

If you are serious about using email marketing as one of the ways to drive sales and sign-ups, you must establish a pattern with what you are trying to achieve. With this, you will not only deliver value to the customer but also bring better ROI for your business.

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  • Create a personal blog- It can help you get hired

After following all the three points mentioned above, you might have a sense of how things work for a Digital Content Marketing specialist. Now, it is time to apply all those learnings by starting your own blog. By doing so, you will not only improve your writing skills but also get the hang of the diverse range of topics that you could work on. Apart from writing, you could work on technical aspects like Search Engine Optimizations and make it more popular by promoting on social media and using Google Adwords. You can make the content of the blog more relevant by writing data-driven posts, for which you should know about Content Marketing Tools. 

Your next thought might be: why do I need the help of online tools? You do because they drive a greater return of investment by helping create posts that resonate with the target audience. And this is one thing that a good digital content marketing specialist would never miss. 

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  • Read and Research

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither does any piece of digital content. It takes a lot of research to make an article worthy for readers and rank high on SERP (Search Engine Research Page). 

So, when we say that the article should be well-researched, it does not mean that we are only talking about facts. We should concentrate on those specifics that the target audience could relate to. Try to research what your competitor is doing, how they’re working on themselves as a brand and watch out for any content gaps that you might be able to fill. Above all, try to understand how unique your product is and how it can be the ultimate problem solver for your prospective buyers. Research online, interact with team members, interview customers and make use of social media. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to researching and understanding your industry better. 

Final Thoughts 

No wonder, all these tricks of the trade matter and can help you in the long-run with content marketing. And by enrolling in a digital marketing course, you can learn how to work your way through challenges and skip those endless hours of (often futile) free online research. Additionally, when employers see a certified marketing program mentioned on your resume, they know that you are passionate enough to succeed in a digital content marketing role.

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