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Digital marketing is one of the fastest emerging fields globally. Look around, and you will find someone or the other promoting their services and products on social media and search engines. The impact is so much that employers across domains are seeking to hire both in-house as well as third-party digital marketers to grow their businesses. 

It can be hard to figure out where to start and how exactly to curate your digital marketing strategy. In this field, fast success is always preferred, and typically there is very little room for a trial-and-error. 

Through this article, I want to give you some tips on how to begin your digital marketing career in a way that will set you apart from other aspirants.

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1. Learn the basics to test if Digital Marketing is the right fit for you 

You can always find the basic digital marketing terminology available online via blog posts, digital marketing forums, social media, YouTube, etc. It is a good idea to go through some of this content to get a sense of whether or not you find these concepts exciting and see yourself feeling genuinely motivated to take it up as a career for yourself. The more passionate you are about digital marketing, the more you are likely to create innovative campaigns and strategies for your future clients to build a rewarding career in digital marketing. 

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2. Invest in an online Certification course 

Once you feel that yes, digital marketing is something that drives you, the next step will be to apply for a course in digital marketing to establish your foundational knowledge in this field. Free online resources may help you understand just the very basics, but there is nothing like taking a formal course in digital marketing to set yourself apart as a professional. It will give you the required expertise and industry knowledge required to build a successful digital marketing career for yourself. Great Learning offers an extensive Post Graduation Program in Strategic Digital Marketing in collaboration with Great Lakes Executive Learning that you can learn more about here. It will help you set yourself apart from amateurs in the field of Digital Marketing, and the knowledge that comes with a formal course also reflects in how you can maintain your success with digital marketing campaigns over time. 

3. Networking 

In a career like digital marketing, effective networking is crucial to make connections in the industry and across domains. It helps to connect with other digital marketing professionals to stay on top of industry trends as they change. Networking across different domains will ensure you get access to digital marketing opportunities in different industries. Networking opportunities could arise via LinkedIn, digital marketing forums, or even the certification course that you sign up for with your other peers. 

4. Build your portfolio 

At the start of your digital marketing career, building and sharing a portfolio is important in addition to your qualifications while applying for jobs and projects. You can diversify the kind of projects in your portfolio according to the kind of digital marketing career trajectory you want.  You may seek to find your niche within a specific industry or to specialise in a particular digital marketing strategy across different industries. You can start building your digital marketing portfolio while you achieve your qualifications in the field. This could look like freelancing on-the-side, starting with small projects for your existing network, an internship, or even setting up your website to get started while you are enrolled in a certification course. 

5. Understanding analytics 

The principal component of launching a digital marketing campaign is to be able to judge the way it affects the traffic towards your website or sales towards your product. Someone with a successful digital marketing career needs to be very comfortable with understanding social media metrics and Google Analytics. Further, to track the results of your SEO, you can use tools such as SEMrush that helps you see the number of viewers your campaign got and also the way that they interacted with the links presented. To sustain a successful career in digital marketing, it is essential to know how to track the right numbers that will help you improve future campaigns for the best results. 

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6. Work on Projects with Different Types of Clients to Find your Niche 

As briefly mentioned above, you can choose to work as an in-house digital marketer with a particular organisation, or independently with projects about different industries. However, make sure that this is a conscious decision that you are taking for your long-term digital marketing career. It is something that you can figure out by trying different options as you start your career in digital marketing. 

7. Always keep learning to stay up-to-date on trends 

Digital Marketing, as a field, has recently emerged as compared to traditional marketing. More jobs are adding to this field across all domains, and the value of the industry is growing in a rapidly digitising environment. A crucial aspect of a successful digital marketing career is to learn and stay updated with industry trends. Every new digital marketing campaign reveals something new about consumer behaviour. And this new information is crucial for digital marketers to incorporate into their work to keep achieving targets. A rewarding career in digital marketing is one that combines passion, theoretical knowledge, an industry network and innovation with research. If you find this intriguing and wish to learn more about this domain, upskill with Great Learning’s PGP – Strategic Digital Marketing today! Please share your thoughts, comments and insights in reaction to the information in this blog below in the comments section.



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