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free datasets for analytics

Free Data Sets for Analytics/Data Science Project

Whether you are a beginner in the field of data science or an expert who has worked on the trending projects of the domain, clean and authentic datasets are extremely crucial for...
data science news

Your Weekly Guide to Data Science and Analytics – January Part I

2019 has proved to be an exceptional year for Data Science and Analytics. A number of advancements have taken place over time and will continue to take place in the future. Let...
emerging data analytics

Top 10 Emerging Data Analytics Startups in India

Powered by specialized software and real-time analytics systems, big data & analytics caters numerous benefits for companies worldwide. Thus, the demand for big data Hadoop firms has been increasing exponentially. Moreover, it...

Best-first Search or BFS Explained

Most of the AI advancements that have caught our attention in the past have been the ability of the machine to beat humans at playing games. Be it ‘Deep Blue’ defeating the...

Applications of Data Science in the E-commerce industry

The importance of data in today’s world has reached new heights, where companies are relying on data sets to understand performances and arrive at business decisions (read more about data science). Data analysis...