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Difference between DS, AI, ML

Difference Between Data Science vs Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

What is Data Science?What is Artificial Intelligence?What is Machine Learning?Relationship Between Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningDifference Between Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and...

An Introduction to Central Limit Theorem

In machine learning, statistics play a significant role in achieving data distribution and the study of inferential statistics. A data scientist must understand the math behind sample data and Central Limit Theorem...
k means clustering

Learning Data Science with K-Means Clustering

While engaging ourselves with Data Science, we have to define ways to identify both supervised and unsupervised data. These help us to structure the data suitably and to decide on various machine...

The way Great Learning Imparted Training was Really Good- Prakash Oraon, PGP- AIML

A career transition can be challenging, and hence it is essential to learn and gain from experts in the field. Here is how Prakash Oranon benefited from Great Learning’s AIML Course. 

All the online sessions conducted were extremely knowledgeable- Satish Rajendren, PGP- AIFL

With the industry requirements changing all the time, and technological advancements dictating the current economy, it becomes imperative for us to upskill and stay relevant. Follow Satish Rajendren’s journey with Great Learning’s...