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How to Build a Career in Machine Learning in Singapore

What is Machine Learning? Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. The whole idea here is to make machines more human-like in their behaviour and decision making. As...

How will AI and Machine Learning Affect Cyber Security?

The internet is increasingly becoming a part of our lives, growing every second. A new change takes place every day, rendering the prevailing system obsolete. Adjusting to this change is not always...

All the online sessions conducted were extremely knowledgeable- Sathish Rajendren, PGP- AIFL

With the industry requirements changing all the time, and technological advancements dictating the current economy, it becomes imperative for us to upskill and stay relevant. Follow Satish Rajendren’s journey with Great Learning’s...
q learning

Simplified Reinforcement Learning: Q Learning

Q Learning, a model-free reinforcement learning algorithm, aims to learn the quality of actions and telling an agent what action is to be taken under which circumstance. Through the course of this...
Matlab Interview

Feature Selection in Machine Learning

Feature EngineeringExploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Feature Engineering on Numeric dataForward selectionBackward eliminationMixed selectionRegularizing ModelsPython code Example Feature Engineering For a model to become successful, the...