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Face Recognition Using AI | Class 8-12



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This Great Learning live session on Face Recognition using AI will help school students (Class 8 to 12) understand how Artificial Intelligence is used in Face Recognition. This will be a Hands-on workshop session where we will start with the basics of how images work and proceed onto understanding how Artificial Intelligence recognizes faces in a photo. In the end, we will use a face recognition application to showcase how the AI algorithm works in action.

Session Speaker :

1. Mohita Ajmera - Sr. Data Scientist, Great Learning

2. Prithviraj - Data Scientist, Great Learning

About the Speaker

Ms. Mohita Ajmera

Ms. Mohita Ajmera

Sr. Data Scientist, Great Learning


Mohita has been working in the field of data science for the last 6 years. She currently works as a Senior Data Scientist at Great Learning and has expertise in the area of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, Big Data, Hadoop, Spark & HDFS. She has expertise in setting the curriculum and developing the content
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