Data Science can help professionals pursue a rewarding career throughout their professional life. The demand for skilled data science professionals is increasing each day and there are just not enough of them. This is the reason that payscale is usually much higher for data science professionals as compared to other tech-profiles. There are different roles in the field of data science that one can chase, such as data engineer, data scientists, data analyst, data architect and many more. Data engineers and architects mostly work with codes, complex queries, and databases. On the other hand, data scientists and analysts are more concerned with collecting, interpreting, and analysing tonnes of data to drive business decisions.

The data science path that one ultimately chooses will depend on their interest and existing skill set. But each career path will require knowledge of some basic data science skills that include programming knowledge, statistics and machine learning, and data visualisation. Data Science is a lucrative career path with an average data science salary of $117,345 annually as per Glassdoor. 

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the field of data science, it is crucial to becoming a certified professional in the domain. To help you attain a certification, we have listed top data science courses in the USA that you could sign up for. 

Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics by Great Learning

Great Learning’s Post-Graduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics is delivered online in collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business and is of 11 months’ duration. The program is designed for working professionals and focuses on modelling, forecasting, data visualisation, and much more. The course highlights include the personalised mentorship sessions and live classes in small groups. The hands-on projects will help learners to solve real-world data science problems. 

The course covers the data science foundations of data science in business finance, marketing and CRM, and SQL programming. It also improves knowledge and application of data science techniques and gives a greater domain exposure. 

Master of Business Analytics by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of  Technology) 

This program focuses on the practical applications of data science and machine learning. Being one of the world’s leading technology schools, MIT is a great place to get your advanced level education in the domain of data science. The eligibility criteria to pursue this course is having an undergraduate degree in a related field such as mathematics, computer science, or information technology. The program is of 12 months’ duration and by the end of it you gain immense knowledge and practical experience to start working already and solving critical business problems.

Stanford University’s MSc in Statistics: Data Science

After MIT, Stanford is another leading US-based technology university in the world. It has a strong base in the domain of Artificial Intelligence research and development and has gained a global reputation for the same. It also has a reputation for equipping students with strong practical skills and leadership potential. 

The MSc in Statistics course specialises in data science and it has a stronger computational focus. The course covers advanced software development for engineers and scientists, statistical theory, and multi-core computing. It has a provision for learners to choose from a range of electives in applied fields, such as neuroimaging techniques, social media analytics, data-driven medicine, and geostatistics among others.

Master of Computation Data Science by Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon is famous globally for its research and accomplishments in the field of AI and Data Science. The program focuses on scientific experimental design, data collection, data modelling and analysis along with developing problem-solving abilities and human-computer interaction.

The curriculum includes subjects in the field of software engineering, machine learning and statistics. The students would need to select from three concentrations, i.e., systems, analytics, or human-centred data science.

PG Program in Data Science by Purdue University

The post-graduate program in Data Science by Purdue University gives a broad exposure to the key concepts, tools, and technologies used in the field of data science. Purdue has collaborated with IBM to deliver this course ensuring practical knowledge to the learners. The course covers a broad range of topics including statistics, machine learning algorithms, critical programming languages, and a lot more.

Learners also get to work on a capstone project that culminates the learning experience. The program aids its learners to perfect themselves when it comes to coding and data structures in R and improving their Python Programming skills. It delves deep in machine learning techniques such as supervised and unsupervised learning and hands-on modelling. 

Applied Data Science with Python Certification by University of Michigan

This program by the University of Michigan helps the learners understand data science through the python programming language. The eligibility is to have a basic knowledge of Python and the learners will be taught about python toolkits such as Pandas, matplotlib, nltk and networkx among others. It is a 5-course program that covers Applied Plotting, Applied Machine Learning in Python, Data Representation in Python, Applied Text Mining in Python, and Applied Social Network Analysis. 

The program introduces its learners to the basics of information visualisation focusing on reporting and charting using the matplotlib library.

Data Science Online by Berkely ExecEd

This program has eight modules spread across 10 weeks and covers every essential topic of data science. The program is most suited for mid-level to senior-level professionals. The course takes the learners through basic mathematical and statistical concepts such as mean, graphs, standard deviation, histograms, logarithmic functions and more. It then escalates to advanced concepts like advanced regression model, forecasting machine learning, building effective data science team, and more.

Professional Certificate in Applied Data Science by Dartmouth College

For those willing to earn a professional certificate in data science, this program is among the best options. Learners will develop highly demanded skills in the field of data science such as data visualisation, risk management, machine learning, and predictive capabilities. The course also covers the basics of Python Programming through live coding sessions and application-based assignments. By the time the course is completed, learners will be ready to take on the challenges in the field of data science profession. With this course, you access regular live webinars, graded assignments and real-world applications of Data Science.

These are some of the best Data Science courses in the US. Sign up for Great Learning’s PG Program in Data Science and Business Analytics here.



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