We are pleased to share that Great Learning was recently featured in The Times of India, Hyderabad. The exclusive story discusses how non-IT sectors are beating IT when it comes to learning analytics in the city. It also throws light on sectors other than IT – like education, BFSI, and healthcare where analytics education is increasingly becoming popular.
Read on the full coverage below:
Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BSFI) professionals in Hyderabad are beating their IT counterparts when it comes to learning analytics, according to findings by a data science institute with centres in major IT cities such as Delhi NCR, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad.
While IT tops the enrolment at every other centre, Hyderabad, where 39% of the total enrolments are from the BSFI sector, bucks the trend, said those working with Great Learning, a hybrid learning platform. The institute also reported a good demand from professionals in other industries such as education, healthcare, and manufacturing, which together form 10 per cent of the total enrolments.
“Over the past two years, we have noticed that many non-IT professionals are vying to learn skills in data science and analytics. This is because data science has applications in a long range of industries, from financial institutions who are seen robustly adopting new technologies to pharma companies. In Hyderabad, pharma companies stand second to BSFI professionals when it comes to learning data science and analytics,” said Mohan Lakhamraju, founder and CEO Great Learning, whose centre is located at Madhapur.
Lakhamraju also revealed how more than 59% of the total enrolment across all centres comprised working professionals who belong to a `Non-IT’ background. “While a majority of our students do come from the IT industry, other sectors such as BSFI, manufacturing, and telecom together form 40% of total enrolments. Other industries which have also started recognizing big data analytics as an important skill are retail, healthcare, pharma, automobile, and education,” said Lakhamraju.



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