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Through the course of this blog, we will cover the following topics that will help you learn Digital Marketing.


Had there been a list of the fastest moving careers in India, Digital Marketing would have topped the charts. With such appreciation, one would be wondering—what needs to be done to secure a job in this field? 

Well, you do not need to move mountains to find an answer to this question, and please do not even think of buying books, watching videos, or subscribing to newsletters. However, what needs to do is send an application for a Digital Marketing program that can help fiddle with digital marketing tools in a real-world environment and provide access to an expert who can answer your questions. 

Choosing the right platform to learn Digital Marketing can be a lot difficult. Like picking between candy bars, each college can seem like the same but offering something unique. Here are some of the factors that make Great Learning’s PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing (PGP-SDM) stand apart from other Digital Marketing courses that will make you apply for it right away. Have a look. 

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What is the PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing? 

Before you dig into more reasons to apply, take a look at what this course is all about. 

PGP-SDM is an intensive course that takes motivated and passionate digital marketing practitioners to industry-ready in a few months. During this 6-month online program, learners will get to learn from the best people in the industry and faculty of Great Lakes, one of the top B-schools in India. 

Reasons why you should join the Post Graduation – Strategic Digital Marketing (PGP-SDM)

1. Learn from the Best in the Industry and Earn a PG Certificate from Great Lakes

What if one says that you can learn from the faculty of Great Lakes, one of the best B-schools in India while sitting in the comfort of your home? You might consider it as a joke. But that is a real fact as Great Learning believes that their learners should go through the most active and actionable learning experience possible. Apart from faculty, engage with industry stalwarts to get an in-depth understanding of the most recent industry trends and requirements. Each of our mentors and industry leaders has in-depth industry-relevant knowledge, expertise, and skills that every learner at Great Learning wishes to develop. Above and beyond: You will get a certificate from Great Lakes Executive Learning. 

Does it sound like exactly what you are looking for?

2. Get Hands-on exposure to Latest Digital Marketing tools 

As told in point 1, Great Learning aims to not only make you learn Digital Marketing and its concepts, but it also teaches various digital marketing tools. For sure, the next question that will come to your mind will be: Is this course relevant? Yes, they’re and can even magnify the impact of digital marketing strategies. During the program, learners get to acquire skills in Google Analytics that will help to gain insights about customer experience and its host of statistical and analytical tools required for SEO and marketing. Knowledge about Hootsuite, learnt during the program, will help implement digital marketing campaigns. Apart from all these, get a hands-on understanding of tools and platforms, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, twitter ads, Mailchimp, Canva, etc. Moreover, the faculty of SDM will also teach how to build campaigns across different platforms.  

3. Learn all the Concepts of Digital Marketing in just 6 Months  

Let us be honest here and answer this question: how long do you think it would take to learn those detailed Digital Marketing tools? One year? Eighteen months? So is not the case with PGP-SDM. Here, you can save up a lot of time and complete the course in 6 months. The program offers a structured learning environment by industry experts so that one can learn Digital Marketing in a defined manner and time. The curriculum is made considering the on-job machine learning skills, presently required in the industry. 

Moreover, if learners feel like brushing up the fundamentals somewhere down their career, they will get access to the content for up to 3 years, even after the program completion. 

4. Added Human Touch by getting mentored by industry experts and receive unparalleled guidance

For some, self-learning and the idea of working on tools on your own can be fantastic, and an optimal solution for upskilling, but this is not the case with everyone. Most of the aspiring Digital Marketers find it difficult to stay accountable to a particular timeline, and—at times—they are not even aware of their strengths and skill set they are lacking. That is when Great Learning’s mentored sessions come into play, wherein mentors are just a hand-raise away from their learners. Learners can take part in 1:1 mentorship sessions during which they can talk to their mentors in a personalized setting. Mentors will provide feedback from industry experts on your recently submitted assignments and projects. 

This kind of 1-on-1 mentorship makes PGP-SDM much more valuable and unlike any other online player in the industry. 

5. Create a strong portfolio by working on real-world projects

One of the primary problems that people often face when it comes to the online program is a disconnection with the fast-moving industry and real-life scenarios. And assignments and projects can help to bridge that gap. These projects, designed to challenge modules, will prove to be an asset and assist in building a learning project portfolio that can ultimately help you land a job interview. Moreover, thanks to the capstone project, freshers can help you to connect you to the community and analyze important issues, which can be of utmost help for freshers to land a job after completing the course. 

This is not it. Great Learning believes in providing continuous support, even after the completion of the course. By the end of the PDP-SDM, students get an e-portfolio, which otherwise making on your own can be a daunting task. The e-portfolio will include all the assignments and projects that learners have worked upon during the course tenure. Flaunt it on social media and who knows, you might land a job because of this. Great Learning also has a career support team that will prepare you for a desirable role in Digital marketing. 

Is this program for you?

Answer these questions, and you will automatically get all the answers: 

  • Do you want to upskill and help your business/career grow by learning Digital Marketing?
  • Do you want to know what it takes for a website to rank on Search Engine Result Page?
  • Are you confident enough of your problem-solving abilities?
  • Do you have the patience and will power to build a network of like-minded digital marketing practitioners for networking?
  • Do you have the zeal to apply Digital Marketing skills to diverse projects and develop a fantastic portfolio?

If you have answered YES to one or more of these questions, then completing Great Learning’s PGP-SDM is worth exploring for a successful career. 

The course to learn digital marketing is for every individual who has a passion for marketing, and a zeal to take their business to new heights. Moreover, the complete program is online, which makes it ideal for those who want to gain new knowledge and skills without putting their job on hold. You do not need to go anywhere and still learn in your own time, whether that means completing coursework after dinner or logging on from a nearby coffee shop over the weekend.

For sure, now you know that there is no better platform than PGP-SDM to learn Digital Marketing. If interested, drop queries at pgpsdm@greatlearning.in, and someone will be in touch with you without any delay.



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