A Journey to Remember – Goldy Miglani, PGP DSE

Data Science has grown to be an exceptional domain to work in. Recruiters are looking to hire individuals with Data Science Skills. Read about Goldy’s journey with Great Learning PGP Data Science...
course content

The course content is designed in a great manner- Farhan, PGP- DSE

As we know, Data Science is rapidly growing and will continue to do so. Now would be a great time to upskill and leverage this. Read about Farhan’s journey with Great Learning’s...
career transition

My career transition was smooth sailing – Abdul, PGP DSE

With Data Science spanning to take over every industry today, the demand for jobs in this sector is also increasing and everyone is looking for a career transition. Here is how Abdul...

Teacher to Business Technology Analyst at ZS Associate- Rimjhim, PGP- DSE

Upskilling in the field of Data Science can prove to be very beneficial in powering ahead in your career. Read about Rimjhim's journey with Great Learning's PGP Data Science and Engineering Course...

Every lecturer has industrial and practical knowledge- Suriya, PGP- DSE

Recruiters are now looking to hire individuals who have data science skills. Data science and its applications have paved their way into almost every industry today. Upskilling in this domain can help...