Neural Networks

Artificial Intelligence is paving the way for the future. Increased Investments in AI suggest that there is a growing opportunity for anyone who is interested in an efficient AI career. This week’s guide on Artificial Intelligent revolves around some of the recent interesting developments in the field including how neural networks can predict the time of your death.
USPTO Wants to Know if AI Can Own The Content it Creates
The US authorities for patents and trademarks are trying to figure out how AI can call for moderations in copyright law, and it’s asking for opinions from the public.
The USPTO  is asking if output made by AI without any creative involvement from a human should qualify as a work of ownership that’s protectable by US copyright law. If not, then what measure of human involvement “should be sufficient so that the work qualifies for copyright protection?”.
Artificial Intelligence Can Predict if You Will Die Within The Next Year
After looking at ECG tests, AI can help identify patients most likely to die of any medical cause within a year, say researchers. To reach this conclusion, researchers from the Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania analyzed the results of around 1.8 million ECGs and other medical records from almost 400,000 patients.
The neural networks model that directly analyzed the ECG signals was found to be superior for predicting one-year risk of death. The neural networks were able to accurately predict the risk of death even in patients deemed by a physician to have a normal ECG.

neural networks
Artificial Intelligence to Run The Chemical Factories of The Future
A new study explains how automated systems driven by artificial intelligence can design, build, test and learn complex biochemical pathways to produce lycopene, a red pigment found in tomatoes and commonly used as a food coloring. This discovery opens the door to a wide range of biosynthetic applications.
Artificial Intelligence to Pave Way For New Professions
Digitalization and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence will lead to the emergence of new professions according to experts. It has been predicted that “smart home designer,” “digital tailors,” “digital therapists,” “Robo-psychologists,” and “troll detectors” will be a few of the most desirable professions for the future generation.
Data is now the most important thing. It is safe to say that the future is about professions supported by AI.
Why Anyone Can learn Machine Learning
Machine Learning has been considered as a technology that only PhDs and institutions with lots of financial resources could utilize. But these days, there are so many tools out there that allow anyone to get started with Machine Learning. 
This is an incredible time to be alive. There are many changes happening so fast. Amidst all this complexity, Machine Learning can help us understand our world we couldn’t otherwise. It can help us discover new things in orders of magnitude and more efficiently than ever before.
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