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    business analytics tools

    Top 7 Business Analytics Tools Used by Companies in 2021

    As per the information about the total amount of data created and consumed in the world, Statista claims that it reached 59 zettabytes in 2020. This shows the rapid pace of digitalization...
    21 open source python libraries

    34 Open-Source Python Libraries You Should Know About

    What is a Library?Scikit-learnNuPICRampNumPyPipenvTensorFlowBobPyTorchPyBrainMILKKerasDashPandasScipyMatplotlibTheanoSymPyCaffe2SeabornHebelChainerOpenCV PythonTheanoNLTKSQLAlchemyBokehImportant Python Libraries for Data Science Python Libraries are a set of useful functions that eliminate the need for writing codes from scratch.

    Business Analyst Resume Tips | How to Make Business Analyst Resume or CV

    Tips to Write a Business Analyst ResumeHow to Write a Business Analyst ResumeBusiness Analyst Resume SampleSkills Needed for Becoming a Business AnalystPoints to Keep in Mind While Writing a Business Analyst...
    business analyst interview questions

    130 Most Common Business Analyst Interview Questions

    Preparing for a Business Analyst Job Interview? Here are a few tips and the most useful and common business analyst interview questions that you might face. Before attending an interview for a business...
    tools used by business analyst

    Top Tools Used by Business Analysts? Types of Business Analyst Tools

    Business analytics has become a popular job role in the past few years among global companies. Business analysts bring to the table a unique set of technical skills, making them a vital...