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    future of data science

    What is the future of data science?

    The early part of the 21st century that we are in right now is dominated by big data. Thanks to the digital platforms, smartphones and IOT we now generate more data than...
    data science projects

    Top 6 Data Science Projects To Get You Hired in 2021

    Data Science helps in solving real-world problems by making proper use of the relevant data. In this day and age, companies are using the information procured by data science professionals to understand...

    A Decision- Support Tool for Optimum Loan to Asset Value- A Capstone Project

    This is a project presented by Subramanian Gopalakrishnan, Apurva Dhingra, Sahil Linjhara, George Varghese  and  Ankush Kharbanda, PGP DSBA students in the AICTE Sponsored Online International Conference on Data science, Machine learning...
    data science resume

    Data Science Resume – How to Build a Compelling Resume

    According to a prediction by IBM, there are 2.3 million Data Science Jobs in the US, and this number is said to grow 28% by the year 2021. Companies today are hard-pressed...
    data science career path

    Career Paths for Data Science Professionals in 2021

    Data Science continues to be the number one job in the market today. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports1, it has been estimated that data science skills will offer...