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ethical hacking tools

Top popular Ethical Hacking tools to look out for in 2021

Ethical Hacking is a part of the cybersecurity discipline widely followed by major tech-industry to protect their organization from unethical hacking. Automation has left its trademark on every industry out there, and...

SolarWinds Attack – Everything you need to know about

A recent cyberattack known as the SolarWinds cyberattack has taken the world by storm. In December 2020, the SolarWinds cyberattack affected the US Government and had left a massive impact on cybersecurity....
human firewall

What is a Human Firewall and how it can strengthen your security system

A group of people in an organisation that works towards detecting cyber attacks such as ransomware or phishing attacks that may bypass your computer security system are known as a human firewall....

Ransomware facts, figures and statistics in 2021

Ransomware attacks have been the most terrifying forms of cyberattacks, and it is not limited to certain countries. Some of the developed countries like the US and the UK have also registered...
email security

Email Security: Your Complete guide on Email security and Threats

Cybercrime and data theft can hamper business operations as the correspondence typically occurs over untrusted external networks. The preferred route of confidential business communications is email, and threat actors easily recognize it...