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    Transportation Problem Explained and how to solve it?

    Transportation Problem Balanced ProblemUnbalanced ProblemExampleConclusion Contributed by: Patrick Introduction Operations Research (OR) is a state of art approach used for problem-solving...
    linear discriminant analysis

    Linear Discriminant Analysis or LDA in Python

    Contributed by: Rahul Singh LinkedIn Profile: Linear Discriminant AnalysisWhy do we need to reduce dimensions in a data set?How to deal...
    support vector regression

    Support Vector Regression in Machine Learning

    Supervised Machine Learning Models with associated learning algorithms that analyze data for classification and regression analysis are known as Support Vector Regression. SVR is built based on the concept of Support Vector...
    Covariance vs Correlation

    What is Quantile Regression? | Introduction to Quantile Regression

    Contributed by: Sreekanth Tadakaluru LinkedIn Profile: Before we understand Quantile Regression, let us look at a few concepts. Quantiles are points in a distribution that relates to...
    linear algebra for machine learning

    Linear Algebra for Machine Learning Examples, Uses and How it works?

    Linear Algebra for Machine LearningReasons for learning linear algebra before machine learningLinear algebra notationLinear Algebra ArithmeticLinear Algebra for StatisticsMatrix FactorizationLinear least squaresExamples of Linear Algebra in Machine LearningLinear Algebra BooksFAQsIs linear...