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indian government

Indian Government launched the National AI portal and development around COVID-19

In a major development on June 1st, 2020, the Indian Government launched the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) portal. The portal is formed by Nasscom and backed by National e-Governance Division of the...
Global AI initiative to fight COVID-19

Global AI (Artificial Intelligence) Initiatives to fight the Deadly Coronavirus

StatisticsIdentification of OutbreakDiagnosis of the VirusProcessing Healthcare ClaimsDrones for DeliveryTask Performing RobotsDevelopment of DrugsTherapeutic DrugsEveryday AI-powered WearIdentification & Risk predictions of infectedChatbots for AwarenessSupercomputers for Vaccines Diagnosis through VoiceAI Robots for Touchless...
AI in manufacture post pandemic

How AI can Revolutionise the Manufacturing Industry post Pandemic

The Manufacturing Industry not only builds the foundation of the economy but also creates rewarding careers. Hence, it essentially requires high levels of accuracy, continuous improvements in the quality of production, and...
AI recruitment

AI in Recruitment post Pandemic- Weekly Guide

The Coronavirus has created a chain reaction of activities that has increasingly impacted the economic stabilities worldwide, due to which the market is continuing to see massive growth in the unemployment numbers....
AI robot

Making Artificial Intelligence (AI) More Human – Weekly Guide

The development of Artificial Intelligence is not to replace Human Intelligence but instead to ensure that AI evolves through humanist approaches. This week’s guide discusses AI’s prospers in becoming more human.