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How is Singapore reshaping using Design Thinking?

Introduction Sectors in Singapore wherein Design Thinking is implementedConclusion Singapore is one of the rare countries in the world that leads by example. From the lack of natural resources to...

How the lives of Citizens in South Africa Improved Using Design Thinking?

Design Thinking—a recent buzz phrase thrown a lot these days—is a human-centred problem-solving approach that saves lives, cuts costs, and boosts social welfare. It is not a new concept, and nowadays, not...
brainstorming techniques

Brainstorming Techniques for Generating Better Ideas

Whatever profession you are in, you are no stranger to the need for brainstorming. To survive in a fiercely competitive industry, your company/business/start-up needs you to come up with innovative ideas that...
design thinking process

How Entrepreneurs can use Design Thinking

Redefining problems, understanding the challenges faced by users, and coming up with an innovative solution is known as the design thinking process. Leading global brands have implemented design thinking into their processes,...
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Why Does the World Need More Design Thinking?

Design Thinking centralizes on a human-centric approach that has been felt as a disruptive force across industries. Design Thinking has somewhat given light to the creative triggers for teams to embrace the...