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how to become a marketing manager

How to Become a Marketing Manager | Marketing Manager Career

In a competitive market, businesses can grow the most by effectively managing customer communication. This is achieved by capable marketing managers who understand the product, the message and the audience.
MBA Specializations

Which are the most in-demand MBA specializations with highest paying jobs?

You may have heard that Executive PGPM is the key to a lucrative job and plush life. And, that is true. Master of Business Administration programs are extremely coveted for the sole...
Why MBA in marketing

Why is an MBA in marketing the right choice for your career?

Acquiring Executive PGPM in Marketing can open up your future by helping you land a lucrative job. But, many MBA aspirants find themselves indecisive over which specialization to foray into. There are...
mba in marketing management

What are the career opportunities after a One-Year MBA in Marketing Management?

When it comes to career opportunities after a one-year MBA in Marketing Management program, there lies a plethora of job profiles to zero-in on. The companies now hunt for marketers for diverse...
MBA in marketing

Top 7 Career Options after MBA in Marketing

Opting for an MBA in Marketing gives you several job opportunities in the marketing aspects of the business. You can work in areas such as brand marketing, sales, various marketing channels, product...