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social media marketing

How to use Social Media Marketing during these uncertain times to grow your Business

COVID-19 has taken such a heavy toll on vulnerable communities and companies that they have to rethink their social media marketing strategies. In times of uncertainty, it is hard to know what...
influencer campaign

How to create a Successful Influencer Campaign?

Is your brand getting all the attention that it deserves on social media? Increasing your brand value on social media is not a one-day job. So if you want to increase your...
social media platforms in india

5 New Social Media Platforms In India To Look Out For In 2021

Social media has been incredibly powerful for some time now and has become ingrained into our routines as well. From posting pictures to watching videos to writing and sharing posts on multiple...
LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business | What is LinkedIn Marketing and Practices?

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site which is a powerful platform for businesses to connect with professionals and market their business among the right audience. Launched in the year 2003, LinkedIn...
cloud computing project - sentiment analysis and invoice management system

Sentiment Analysis and Invoice Management System with Cloud Computing

Here is a report on a cloud computing project on sentiment analysis and invoice management system by Sunil Vadapalli, Virender Yadav, and Rambabu Donthi Boyina.  Objective  For every company, start-up or a large enterprise, social media...