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Tableau For Beginners in Hindi

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Data Visualisation is the need of the hour. Talking of Data Visualisation, Tableau is one of the leading Data Visualisation Tools, which many people want to learn and make a career in.This Great Learning Course on Data Visualization With Tableau will help you understand everything you need to get started with Tableau. It will help answer questions like:

  • • What is BI?
  • • What is Data Visualization?
  • • Why Tableau?
  • • What is Tableau?
  • • What are Tableau Fundamentals?
  • • What are Reports in Tableau?

This course also intends to help you layout a path to build a career in Tableau and Business Intelligence.


  • Tableau
  • BI
  • Data Visualization

Course Syllabus

Tableau For Beginners in Hindi

  • Intro and Agenda
  • What is Business Intelligence
  • What is Data Visualization and its phases
  • Data Visualization Tools
  • What is Tableau
  • Tableau Products
  • Tableau Installation
  • Tableau Data Types and Dashboard
  • Demo

Course Certificate

Get Tableau For Beginners in Hindi course completion certificate from Great learning which you can share in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Queries On This Free Course
Where can I learn complete Tableau in Hindi?

You can learn Tableau For Beginners in Hindi at Great Learning Academy. The course syllabus is structured in a unique way to provide you with a complete understanding of Tableau. The Demo classes further help you in enhancing your practical skills.


Does Great Learning provide Tableau in Hindi Course?

Yes, Great Learning Academy provides Tableau For Beginners in Hindi course. The course syllabus covers all aspects of Tableau and the same will be delivered to the students in Hindi. 


How can I learn Tableau in Hindi?

Your search to learn Tableau in your native language ends here. Great Learning Academy provides a complete course on Tableau For Beginners in Hindi. 


What are the Features of Tableau?

Some of the most famous and commonly used features of Tableau are its varied spectrum of data visualization objects such as Charts, Reports etc., a unique platform to share and collaborate data across databases, data mapping feature, import and export of data to and from different data sources, data integration and data security.


What is Tableau?

Tableau is a powerful Data Visualization tool. It provides a better representation of raw data in the form of easy-to-interpret Graphs, Carts etc. thereby helping people derive tangible information out of it. 


Who provides Tableau free certificates?

Upon completion of the Tableau For Beginners in Hindi course, you will be provided with a Course Completion Certificate by Great Learning. This certifies your knowledge of Tableau and can further be showcased to prospective employers on various digital platforms.


What is the pay-scale of Tableau?

The average entry-level pay scale for the Data Analyst position is anywhere between Rs 51,000 - Rs. 75,000. With companies both big and small investing more in Business Intelligence, the opportunities are big and limitless as you move up the professional ladder of Data Analytics.


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