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Crash Course on Data Structure and Algorithms in Java


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About this Live Course

This Live course will cover all the basics data structures and algorithms in Java. This course is designed to help you understand different data structure and algorithms and implement while solving various problems. This course will help you to prepare for interviews which you will be facing for SDE profile

- Total Live Course Duration: 10 hours
- Live Classes: Weekdays, 6:10 PM - 7:10 PM

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Concepts covered

  • Variables and Data Types
  • JVM
  • JDK
  • JRE
  • Declarations and Initializations
  • Control Instructions
  • Expressions

Class Schedule

  • Introduction to Java
    Thu, 17 Dec, 6:10 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Operators and Access Specifiers
    Fri, 18 Dec, 6:10 PM IST
    1 hr
  • OOP's
    Mon, 21 Dec, 6:10 PM IST
    1 hr
  • String and Arrays
    Tue, 22 Dec, 6:10 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Functions and Conditional Statements
    Wed, 23 Dec, 6:10 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Looping and Exception Handling
    Thu, 24 Dec, 6:10 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Data Structures
    Mon, 28 Dec, 6:10 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Maps and Trees
    Tue, 29 Dec, 6:10 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Asymptotic Notations and Searching Techniques
    Wed, 30 Dec, 6:10 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Sorting Techniques
    Thu, 31 Dec, 6:10 PM IST
    1 hr

About the Mentor

Mr. Ritwik Raj

Great Learning


Ritwik is an experienced Technical Trainer, who has been working in the field of Full Stack Development and having expertise in languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, Java, Python, and SQL. He also has expertise in the field of Data Structure and Algorithm and has worked in Front end development projects using languages such as Angular and NodeJS.
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