A Guide to Jobs in Deep Learning- Profile, Compensation and Prerequisites!

Overview :

Where do Deep Learning Engineers get employed?

What is the average annual compensation across the globe?

What are the prerequisites?

Unless you are living under a rock or have been on a boat with Piscine Patel from Life of Pi, you must have heard of Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks almost every single day. AI has surpassed the per-day-usage of the words like ‘selfie’ and ‘fidget spinner’ over the past year. Maybe we should begin to understand this family.

Deep learning is a subset of AI which has evolved from the concept of mimicking the human brain. For those who wish to upgrade their existing skill sets in programming and machine learning, Deep Learning (DL) has got to be next big thing in the bucket list. In a nutshell, DL involves building an intricate and gigantic neural network with multiple hidden layers (sometimes hundreds of these layers) between the input and the eventual output. Hundreds of these neural layers work together to create a deep mesh of network nodes, hence the name – Deep Learning.

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Let us talk about the prerequisites to start with Deep Learning.

Apart from the knowledge of programming, concepts of math – especially calculus, probability and linear algebra are required for learning and understanding the concepts of Deep Learning. As most of the DL libraries are written in Python, so some knowledge of the programming language would be helpful. In this article we will keenly focus more on the available job opportunities and average compensation.

So what is required to secure a job as a Deep Learning Engineer?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you say PhD or tons of experience but to your surprise, if you already are a decent engineer and have the minimal prerequisite set of skills, you have a real opportunity to master Deep Learning and score as well! (well, not as easily though!)

Here are a few successful implementations of Deep Learning algorithms :

Deep Learning model to identify violent individuals in a crowd

Google’s DeepMind.

Automatic Game Playing.

Self driving cars.

Adding Sounds To Silent Movies.

Object Classification in Photographs.

Image and speech recognition

Face unlock in mobile phones.

As much as you must have heard of ML and DL, comparison is inevitable. More about this here. As daunting as DL may sound, online platforms like Great Learning have emerged to make it less cumbersome offering certified online as well classroom courses to cater to the needs of students and working professionals to ensure learning outcomes are met and you gain usable job-ready skills.

So coming back to, Where can you find a job in Deep Learning?

The good news is that almost everybody, from big players like Google, OpenAI, Facebook, Microsoft, NVIDIA to numerous startups like 6sense, Arria and Banjo are all looking for DL engineers across the globe. From the obvious IT companies to Healthcare and Research, individuals with a nascent as well as strong knowledge of the subject stand a promising chance. For those of you who believe in imparting knowledge, Deep learning and ML professors are high in demand as well. So let us summarize the various job profiles open for a deep learning engineer.

From startups to big players like OpenAI, Google DeepMind, Facebook and Microsoft, all of them have been investing in Deep Learning engineers.

Deep learning engineer, senior deep learning engineer, NLP engineer, Embedded deep learning engineer, deep learning engineer- Computer Vision followed by multiple permutations and combinations like AI & DL, DL and ML, DL and Data scientist etc are among the trending job profiles to name a few which can be easily found on portals like LinkedIn and Naukri.com

The following link for instance lists only DL jobs – http://deeplearning.net/deep-learning-job-listings/

Deep Learning has become the fastest growing sector which converges to deftly increasing jobs. The other big question is, what is the average annual compensation?

(source- the economic times)

The compensation is bound to multiple factors like experience, organisation and the geographic location. Companies are keenly interested in the ‘cool stuff’ that you have done before. In case you went for an interview before and could not make it, research on what is this ‘cool stuff’ they are looking for. Maybe, this picture helps!

On an average, the monthly compensation is between 50k to 120k per month or 40 to 45 LPA for individuals with an experience of  5+ years (US figures). The report on the average salaries of Google’s DeepMind staff in Great Britain, disclosed a figure of $345,000 per employee. There are over 400 individuals employed there which adds up to $138 million! And that is just for the starters, experienced individuals like Anthony Levandowski earned $120 million in incentives as one of Google’s top people in the self-driving car division.

So put your thinking hats on and start preparing DEEPly.

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