Is Being a Data Scientist Your Cup of Tea? Find Out Now.

‘Science is organized knowledge’.

Following trends is inevitable. We know that Data Scientist is declared as the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’ so being lured into learning data science is becoming conventional.

Being a master is better than being a jack, so for all the aspiring data scientists, you should look out if you are cut out for the job are not.

But how will you know? Well, look out for these signs:

Statistics does not appeal to you

A data scientist will revolve around the word of statistical analysis so if you don’t like statistics, beware.

You are not fond of working alone

Attention to detail is a crucial aspect of the job, you might have to sit alone for extended hours with dedicated concentration. For all the social animals out there, this doesn’t seem to be the best option to choose.

In-depth study of data.

As mentioned earlier, attention to detail is crucial. A data scientist continually works with statistics, data, numbers, algorithms, and mathematical logic. In a continuous review and repeat manner, you will have to analyze every single chunk of data, missing out isn’t a choice. So detail-oriented individuals are best suited for the job.

You do not like monotonous work.

As a data scientist, you will have an unfathomable amount of data- both structured and non-structured. Organizing the data, data cleansing, standardizing is inevitable.

This is crucial as algorithms need data to be useful. So you need to ask yourself if you are willing to do data preparation over and over again.

You have a non-technical background.

A firm knowledge of statistics and data modeling is vital for the job so engineering as a background is considered the ideal start.

If you are from a non-technical background, you might find it challenging.

Data Scientist is a work of trial and error. You have multiple options when it comes to choosing the right algorithm to work with your data.

But often the dice may not roll in your favor. A master data scientist knows precisely when his existing approach is failing and when to try a new approach.

This will put your patience to test again and again.

Now we know that this data-driven job is all about detail. Attention to detail requires firm concentration and you will have to sit in the same chair for extended periods of time. If you like to move around, take small breaks in between- then data science might not be the best choice for you.

It’s all about data!

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”

With piles of data at your reach, you need to clean, organize, process, and analyze the data repeatedly. So let me ask you- Do you love working with data or not?

It is not just about having a degree in data science. As a data scientist, customers will put forward their problems to you. You will be expected to understand the business first, and then the root cause of the problem.

As we mentioned before, you have a massive volume of data so you need to be able to understand the problem and get your hands on the right data set.

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You need an instinct or excellent understanding of the business.

Where there is a will, there is a way. So If you are passionate about it, you can prove this listing as inappropriate. Otherwise, now you know if you should step in the pool or not.

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