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Great Learning Academy - For College Students

Great Learning Academy is an initiative by Great Learning that offers free online courses for students, professionals, or any individuals who want to learn about the growing trends and in-demand skills in the industry today. As part of the Great Learning Academy, we offer online classes for college students. 

If you’re a student who’s looking for online college classes that will help you learn various subject topics, then this is the right place for you. Be it engineering subjects such as linear algebra, integral calculus, or C programming or various management courses, art subjects, and science subjects, Great Learning Academy offers live classes online for all. 

These free online college courses will help you in your exams through live classes, crash courses and sample question papers for your exam preparation.


Job Preparation 


Apart from college courses, Great Learning Academy also offers courses for job preparation. If you’re a fresher who has little idea about what to experience and how to prepare for your upcoming interviews, this would be perfect for you. With the help of courses on job preparation and a series of live sessions, you can learn more about the common interview questions that you can expect. You will also learn a few tips and tricks on how you can crack your interview. Being a fresher in today’s world is not easy. The competition around us has increased massively and the rate at which newer technologies are being introduced in the market is also rapidly increasing. This means that getting a job or learning these new concepts becomes even more difficult. 

Learning the most in-demand skills will give you an edge over other individuals. Being prepared and well-versed in what to expect from your interview process will show the recruiters that you are confident and are, in fact, the right fit for an organisation. 

Job preparation not only includes soft skills such as body language but also will teach you about telephone interview etiquette and more about setting up your LinkedIn profile. You can also join the interview preparation courses on aptitude preparation, software development, data analyst, and so much more. These live classes will not only help you during your placements but will also help you during your job. You don’t need to be a fresher to take up these courses because as you know, learning never stops. Continuous learning and upskilling are essential to stay on top of the changing market trends. 


Some of the common subject courses that we offer are

  • C Programming

  • Engineering Math: Differential Calculus

  • Engineering Mathematics: Linear algebra

  • Engineering Mathematics: Infinite and Power Series

  • C Programming in Hindi 


Computer Science/ IT Courses:

  • Data Structures

  • DBMS or Database Management Systems

  • Algorithms

  • Operating System

  • Compiler Design


Technical Interview Preparation Courses: 

  • Data Analyst Job Interview Preparation

  • Software Development Engineer Job Interview Preparation

Aptitude Preparation for Placements

Soft Skills for Interviews 

We are continuously looking to add new live classes online and college courses that can help you in powering ahead in your career. Now that you know what Great Learning Academy offers for college students, let us learn more about an overview of what exactly Great Learning Academy is. 


Great Learning Academy - An Overview 

India’s leading professional learning platform, Great Learning’s mission is to make the professionals in today’s world more proficient and future-ready. An initiative by Great Learning to provide free online courses to enable career success, Great Learning Academy allows you to learn the most in-demand skills free of cost. 

1000+ hours of course content, 100+ courses in domains ranging from Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IT & Software, Cloud Computing, Marketing and Finance, Big Data, Digital Marketing, Interview Preparation, and many more. These courses are made available in Hindi too and cater to 500,000+ learners from across 140 countries around the world. Our platform allows you to work on real-world projects and gain knowledge from the best free online courses with certificates. As we all know, upskilling has become essential in today’s world. Recruiters look for individuals who know about new-age technologies such as artificial intelligence and can adapt well to the market changes. 

And what better way to power ahead in your career than to learn these skills for free? Apart from offering free online degree courses, Great Learning Academy comes with a lot of perks. We offer video content and live sessions with industry experts. The live sessions will help you gain insights about the industry from leaders who have been working real-time and also allows you to ask experts any questions that you may have. The videos from the live sessions are saved on the platform and thus, you can look back on the videos and refer to these sessions as you wish to. 

There is no set limit to the number of courses that you can sign up for. You can enrol in any number of classes, and each of them is self-paced, and thus, you can complete it at your own pace and convenience. As part of the courses, there are several quizzes and assignments, and you will also receive a certificate at the end of each course that you complete. Great Learning Academy pushes you to become a well-rounded individual who has gained mastery over the necessary skills required to flourish in today’s professional world. 


Beginner-Friendly Courses for College Students


All the online college courses that are offered at Great Learning Academy are created keeping in mind that they should be beginner-friendly. The courses cover the fundamentals of each topic, whether it is Data Science, Digital Marketing or Artificial Intelligence. The job and interview preparation sessions are created keeping in mind the needs of each individual and would cover concepts right from the beginning level to a more advanced level. 

Another great aspect is that once you receive the certificate of completion, you can add this to your social profiles such as LinkedIn. When hiring companies are looking for freshers or graduates at the beginner level, having completed various courses and showcasing these certificates will give you an edge over the other candidates. It will show that you are interested in learning continuously and also gives a guarantee of your skills and knowledge. Our courses are being constantly updated according to the industry requirements, and we keep changing with the changing times. Thus, you will always be at the forefront of the latest trends and skills while learning from the best online college courses available today. Study online for free and power ahead in your career. 


Great Learning App

Another feature that you can try out is the Great Learning App on Apple and Android. You can use this app to learn on the go, thus, learning in-demand skills anywhere, anytime. The free online courses with certificates cover a wide range of topics be it marketing, cloud computing, design and video editing, or artificial intelligence, and so much more. New courses are being added as time goes by. Join a pool of 500,000+ learners and upskill today. 


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